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Meet the Politics and Contemporary History Academic Team

Get to know the Politics and Contemporary History faculty through these FAQs

What inspired you to start teaching Politics and Contemporary History at the University of Salford?

Shaping our subject, showing passion for teaching and learning and supporting others are all things that inspired us to start teaching. The University of Salford is a smaller, inclusive group of academics and students, meaning we’re hands-on academics involved in teaching and research activity.

What is your teaching style at the University of Salford

As said earlier, we’re a smaller group of students and staff than you might find elsewhere in UK Higher Education. A real strength of this is that a lot of our teaching is student-focused, often in small group seminars, tutorials and workshops, where you’ll be developing the important skills that we want you to leave university with. If it’s debating political ideas and themes, studying newly declassified archival material and exploring themes in contemporary history and politics, our approach to teaching is student-centred.

What disciplines do your Politics and Contemporary History faculty specialise in?

We have experts covering a range of issues. From strategy to warfighting if you’re interested in military history, to intelligence, security and terrorism-related issues, and our academics focus on the significant issues of today. We have specialists in 18th to 20th Century Warfare, with experts on the American Revolutionary War as well as the First and Second World Wars, European and Chinese foreign policy, civil wars and insurgencies, terrorism and the Islamic State, modern-day intelligence and security issues, Cold War history, online political campaigning and UK domestic politics amongst other areas.

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