It starts in Salford

MediaCity skyline at sunset in Salford

At the University of Salford, we find solutions to the really hard to solve problems facing the world around us.

From our unique position at the heart of the community, we empower those around us to transform the everyday lives of people in Salford and beyond.

We work with our partners to improve healthcare, help people with their energy bills, make the world sound better, boost the economy and influence policy.

A place where ideas are formed that shape the world

Take a walk in Celeste’s shoes to see all the ways our research impacts moments in your daily life.

A girl walking in Salford with a camera filming her

Our researchers are transforming lives

At the heart of our University is an exceptional community of researchers who play a pivotal role in shaping the University’s reputation as a hub for transformative knowledge. 

Professor Niroshini Nirmalan looking at the camera pensively

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