Environmental Research and Innovation Centre

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The Environmental Research & Innovation Centre is focused on advancing understanding of key environmental challenges of major economic and societal importance in the 21st century.

The Environmental Research and Innovation Centre brings together academics whose research has an environmental focus.

The Centre has an over-arching vision of understanding and analysing the biological, physical, and social dimensions of environmental changes and the resultant impacts on humans, animals and plants through high-quality, high-impact research. Our research addresses key challenges for society: zero hunger, good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, life below water, and life on land.

Looking forward, our aims are to:

  • Use novel molecular ecology tools to understand the evolution and distribution of threatened species, working closely with non-academic partners to protect these.
  • Expand our research around green infrastructure, green spaces and urban sustainability, enhancing the impact of this research through our developing relationships with local government, charities, citizen groups and other stakeholders.
  • Develop our research portfolio around national and international food security by developing critical mass in terms of staff and facilities in this area.
  • Translate our research on evaluating the food chain transfer of contaminants into practice by extend internal and external research and non-academic beneficiaries collaborations and partnerships related to managing the impact of pollution on humans and the environment.
  • Develop technological innovations in disease ecology, especially in relation to monitoring and management by capitalising on opportunities presented by the formation of the new School of Science, Engineering and Environment.
  • Translate our science into natural resource management decision-making tools by growing our spatial ecology research.

Sustainable Environments

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Our Sustainable Environments research addresses:

  • biodiversity and conservation research
  • green infrastructure and urban ecosystem services
  • pollution and wastewater management
  • fisheries management, urban agriculture and contaminated agricultural systems.

Infectious Diseases

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Our Infectious Diseases research addresses:

  • crop and pollinator disease
  • zoonotic infections
  • animal and plant diseases

Environmental Research and Innovation Centre

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