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To help get you ready for study this September, we've put together some info about how you will study this fascinating subject, what to expect in year one and share answers to some of the top applicant questions.

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BSc (Hons) Geography with Foundation Year


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Top applicant questions - answered!

What can I do to prepare for September?

Keep up to date with current environmental issues. For example the impact of the climate emergency. Many of these issues can be related back to theories postulated (or evidence) in environmental books. The more knowledge you gain from reading around the subject the more you will love the subject and our course.

Will I have the opportunity to go on field trips whilst studying?

Fieldwork is an important part of our courses across geography and environment. Each trip is aligned with specialist modules so you can enhance your skillset and gain real-world context for your learning. Field trips will vary depending on your chosen course, though previous destinations have included local trips to the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District, as well as international trips to Denmark, Sweden, Barcelona and the European Alps. 

Also, to make sure these trips are accessible to all of our students, these trips are fully-funded by the university.

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Will the university help me to find work experience and industry placements?

Whilst students are responsible for securing their own work experience and industry placements, our tutors will guide and support you through the process. Industry experience not only enables you to apply your knowledge in real-world situations but allows you to form those vital connections early on in your career. We have links with a range of leading organisations and, where possible, will assist students in securing placements.

Are there any relevant student-run societies?

The University of Salford is home to a huge range of societies you might be interest in. From Eco-Africa who aim to make a sustainable impact in our environment, community and organisation, to Climate Change who run social and activist events, to the Wildlife society who organise a range of field trips around the UK, exploring different wildlife and creating memories!

What will my timetable in first year look like?

The timetable has six 20 credit modules which usually have two hours of contact time a week for each module. There is extra fieldwork, extra practical classes and weekly tutorials meaning you would be looking at around 14-15 hours a week in your first year.

What can I do after graduation?

One of the best things about Geography and Environment graduates is the range of jobs that they can go into. Recent graduates have gone on to jobs into areas from environmental consultancy and planning officers through to working with the police and national rail. Lots of our students also go into teaching both in the UK and abroad.