Data Management Plan

What is a Data Management Plan?

A Management Plan (DMP) is a formal document that describes how research data will be collected, organised, stored, secured, backed-up, preserved, and where applicable, shared. It is recommended that every research project, whether funded or not, produces a DMP before starting the project.

Effective data management starts when research is being designed. Planning should consider how data will be managed both during and after the research. This involves thinking critically about how data can be shared, what might limit or prohibit data sharing, and whether any steps can be taken to remove such limitations.

We have developed some Research Data Management (RDM) resources to support researchers at University of Salford answering RDM questions as part of the ethics process. Find these here: 

Many funders have specific DMP guidelines which you need to be aware of and the diversity of research means there is no single answer for every DMP. See our guide on funder requirements.

How do I write a Data Management Plan?

DMPonline is a free tool that offers a framework for creating your Data Management Plan. The tool provides templates and guidance to meet the requirements of a range of funders and institutions. Plans are customisable, can be exported in a variety of formats, drafts can be saved and can also be shared with others. See the DMPonline guide for information on how to use the tool.

The Digital Curation Centre provides a Data Management Plan checklist and a guide to data management and sharing.