Sharing data after your project

Your Data Management Plan (DMP) should provide answers to the following questions:

  1. How will you share the data?
  2. Are any restrictions on data sharing required?

The table below shows considerations you should make when writing your answer with an example answer to help guide your writing.

Question: How will you share the data?

Considerations: How your data is shared and publicised; how users may find out about your data

How the data is shared practically (e.g. if there are plans to share with research community through providing a URL during events or via email)

What conditions may apply to data sharing

At what time the data will be made available

Example answer: -


Question: Are any restrictions on data sharing required?
Considerations: What restrictions there are of data use and sharing and where these restrictions come from

What you will do to overcome or minimise data sharing restrictions

The length of time exclusive use of data is required, and the reasoning behind this

If a data sharing agreement is required, and where applicable what this agreement states

Example answer: -