Library Champion scheme

A library champion in the Library


The Library Champion Scheme is an initiative developed between The Library and the Students’ Union to give students a voice in the Library.

Each school has a Library Champion. Your Library Champion works closely with your Academic Support Team to represent you.

They can recommend a book for the library on your behalf, raise issues and work with the Library to resolve them, take forward suggestions for improving and developing library services, and make sure you know about new Library services and resources.

In 2019-20, 193 new resources were purchased through the Library Champion Scheme, so your suggestions really do make a difference!


Recommend an item for the library


Find out who is the Library Champion for your subject area.


Email them with details of what you would like ordering, including full details of the resource and the number of copies you would like to see in the Library.


Let us know if you would like to be notified when we get it in stock, so you know when it’s available.

What staff think

A lecturer from the School of Environment & Life Sciences

If you need any book for your course, or if the copies in the library are always booked out, your Library Champion can arrange for more to be ordered. 

Dr. Rachael Antwis, Lecturer in Global Ecology and Conservation, School of Environment & Life Sciences

A word from the Library

A member of Library staff

The Library Champion initiative lets you have your say about the books we have in stock and you can make suggestions for future library developments. 

Tracy Breheny, Academic Support Librarian