Library Champion scheme

The Library Champion Scheme is an initiative developed between The Library and the Students' Union to give students a voice in the Library.

Each school has a Library Champion. Your Library Champion works closely with your Academic Support Team to represent you.

Your Library Champion can:

  • recommend a book for the library on your behalf
  • raise issues and work with the Library to resolve them
  • take forward suggestions for improving and developing library services
  • promote new Library services and resources.

Recommend an item for the library


Find out who is the Library Champion for your subject area.


Email them with details of what you would like ordering, including full details of the resource and the number of copies. you would like to see in the Library.


Let us know if you would like to be notified when we get it in stock, so you know when it’s available.

What staff think

Rachael Antwis portrait

If you need any book for your course, or if the copies in the library are always booked out, your Library Champion can arrange for more to be ordered.

Dr. Rachael Antwis, Lecturer in Global Ecology and Conservation, School of Environment & Life Sciences

A word from the Library

Tracy Breheny portrait

The Library Champion initiative lets you have your say about the books we have in stock and you can make suggestions for future library developments.

Tracy Breheny, Academic Support Librarian

Library Champion Projects 22-23

Emma Lawton portrait, Library Champion and USSU Disability Officer

Clifford Whitworth now has Ergonomic chairs available to borrow thanks to Emma, who is a Library Champion and the USSU Disability Officer. 

"As a disabled student myself I know how difficult university life can be to navigate. The idea of ergonomic chairs came to me when I was studying for my undergraduate dissertation. I had recently been diagnosed with severe hypermobility syndrome which affects all my joints and nerves. I now use a crutch on very bad days. I was spending all my time in the library, and started to notice how I was finding the chairs really uncomfortable. I would be in pain at the end of a study session, and I wished I could alter my chair.

Ergonomic chairs are extremely beneficial for disabled students. They allow the student to alter the height, the arms, and the back of the chair. The chairs also feature a rocking function which allows the student to gently rock on the chair. This is really important for students like myself who suffer with circulation problems as it allows me to ensure I am still having small movements. This is also good for anxiety as it helps calm me and relax me. The chairs have high backs on them which is essential for students with mobility problems, like myself, who need to have that extra back support and comfort.

The most important aspect for me is making sure the learning environment is inclusive and accessible, and the new ergonomic chairs are ensuring just that!"

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