Inclusive Library Support

We aim to make our facilities inclusive for all library users. Please let us know if you notice something we could improve. Speak to a member of staff, email us, use the chat service, contact your Library Champion, tweet us, Instagram us or complete a feedback form.

Accessibility - Help in the library

We recommend discussing your needs with Disability Inclusion Service who will create a reasonable adjustment plan that can be used University-wide. Information about your disability will only be shared if we are given your express permission to do so. Here are some examples of the support the library offers:

Accessible Printers/Photocopiers/Scanners - All University printers are accessible, fitted with an adjustable control panel and screen enlargement option.

Book collection - We offer a click and collect service for all library users. You can request items by logging in to Library Search and choosing “request”. Once ready, the items can be picked up at Allerton Learning space, Clifford Whitworth or Media City Library by you or a nominated person. If you require somebody else to collect your item(s) on your behalf please email

Ergonomic chair loans - We have ergonomic chairs that students can borrow for 24 hours. Please visit the Clifford Whitworth Enquiry Desk during staffed hours (8am-9pm) if you would like to borrow a chair.

Extended loans - All items will automatically renew up to 13 weeks or until requested by another library patron. For students with reasonable adjustment plans in place this means that your loans will renew every two weeks rather than every week. Requested items will also be held on our reservation shelves for two weeks.

Locker loans - A number of Student lockers are available at Clifford Whitworth Library for those with a reasonable adjustment plan that require one. The lockers are large enough to store several books, so you won't have to carry them around. Please ask staff at the Enquiry Desk in the library.

OrCam Learn - Text to speech reading assistance device. Includes text to speech OCR reading capabilities and additional features designed specifically for students with reading challenges. Available for 24 hour loan from the Enquiry Desk in Clifford Whitworth Library.

Relay UK - Digital IT is registered with Relay UK. Staff are available to help with queries during core hours. A voicemail service runs at other times.

RNIB Bookshare - This is a free service that makes books available for visually impaired students. Queries about this service should be sent to

Software - Inspiration, My Study Bar and Adobe ReadAloud are available at most sites. Disability Inclusion Services provide further software and with Microsoft 365, you can connect to your resources anytime, anywhere and from any device.


Find out about accessibility at Clifford Whitworth Library.

Adjustable desks

Clifford Whitworth

Ground floor


  • Accessible Room 4
  • PC Suite
  • Near LEARN sign


First Floor


  • Window Area
  • Pavillion


Second Floor

Accessible Room 21


Level 1

Near Lapsafe

Level 2

Near Entrance

Level 4


  • PC Suite
  • Accessible Room 404


Media City Library

Third Floor

Near Printer

Accessible Study Room

Clifford Whitworth Library and Allerton Learning Space have accessible study rooms which can only be booked by contacting library staff. These cannot be booked using the library's online room booking system.

  • Clifford Whitworth accessible study room 4 on the ground floor has Office 365, MyStudyBar, Adobe ReadAloud and Inspiration software as well as a power-assisted door and an adjustable desk.
  • Clifford Whitworth accessible study room 21 on the second floor has Office 365, MyStudyBar, Adobe ReadAloud and Inspiration software as well as a power-assisted door and an adjustable desk.
  • Allerton Learning Space accessible study room 404 on Level 4 has Office 365, MyStudyBar, Adobe ReadAloud and Inspiration software as well as an adjustable desk.

Specialist software

Inspiration - 'Mind mapping' software available on the accessible rooms PCs. It can display information and ideas visually using webs, maps, and diagrams. Inspiration can also reformat the visual information into an index or list in Word, enabling you to see your ideas as an outline of a report or an essay.

My Study Bar (MSB) - Software applications designed to provide study skills support for students in their academic work. The MSB icon is on the desktop of PCs in the Library. My Study Bar consists of: Planning, Reading, Writing, Vision, Voice, and Help. A general guide to MSB is available.

Microsoft Accessibility Tools - Magnifier, Narrator or On-Screen Keyboard are useful when using Microsoft Office applications. On all Library PCs - go to Start - All Programs - Accessories.

Adobe ReadAloud - This software will read the text content of PDFs into your PC.

A roaming profile is useful if you need to use multiple software systems. These are available as recommendations through Student Support Plans/ Reasonable Adjustment Plans (RAPs). If you think you would benefit from this service, please contact Digital IT.

Accessible toilets

Clifford Whitworth: Accessible toilets are available on all floors.

Allerton Learning Space: The accessible toilet is on the main corridor outside the entrance.

Media City: Accessible toilets are available on all floors.

Lady Hale/The Cube: Accessible toilets are available on all floors.

Disabled parking

Clifford Whitworth Library

The closest accessible parking spaces are:

  • Three spaces outside the front entrance to the Maxwell Building. Parking is not free for Blue Badge holders.
  • Five designated accessible parking spaces outside University House. Parking is free for Blue Badge Holders and is 200 m (approx.) from The Library.

Allerton Learning Space

  • There are eight designated accessible parking spaces in the park next to the building.
  • The main entrance is 15 m (approx.) from the car park.
  • Parking is free for Blue Badge holders.

The Library at MediaCityUK

  • There is no University owned car parking. Parking is available at The Lowry car park which has lifts.
  • The Lowry's multi-storey car park has designated parking on all eight floors. Lifts are available.
  • Blue Badge holders can park free of charge during trading hours for four hours. Normal parking rates will apply after four hours.


Library site access

Clifford Whitworth

  • The lift to all floors is located right from the entrance past the stairwells and at the rear of the building.
  • Open 24/7
  • Staffed 8am - 9pm
  • Library visitors need their library ID card for access between 19:00 and 8:00. There is a ramp available at the entrance.

Lady Hale Cube

  • The lift to all floors is located on the left as you enter the building
  • Monday - Friday 8:00 - 19:00
  • Closed weekends

Allerton Learning Space

  • Located on Level 1 the Learning Space is accessed via the lift located left as you enter via the main entrance.
  • The lift to Learning Space Levels 0 to 4 is accessed via the ramp facing the entrance to the Learning Space
  • Monday 8:00 - 19:00
  • Tuesday - Friday 8:00 - 18:00
  • Closed weekends
  • Staffed Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00

MediaCity Library

  • Located on Level 3 the lifts are located right from the entrance.
  • Monday to Saturday 7:00 - 22:00
  • Closed Sunday
  • Staffed Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00 with no staffing on Saturdays

Accessible versions of essential reading list items

Students requiring texts in alternative formats should contact their Academic Support Librarian with details of the item. The Library will endeavour to source an electronic copy, scan the item or provide material in the required format.