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We are an owner-member of the Northern Consortium of UK universities (NCUK). NCUK delivers pathway programmes that lead to degrees at member universities. NCUK foundation and graduate pathway programmes are taught in its accredited centres around the world. Since 1987, hundreds of students have progressed onto the University of Salford after completing NCUK programmes and are now working successfully around the world. To support students who progress from NCUK, we offer a number of high value scholarships to outstanding applicants for undergraduate or master's programmes.

Scholarship details

For September 2023 intake 

  • The NCUK Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship is worth £5,000.
  • The NCUK Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship (progression from IY1) is worth £3,000.
  • The NCUK Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship (progression from PMP) is worth £3,000.

The NCUK Salford Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship is open to applicants who have an offer for an undergraduate programme and have achieved 128 UCAS points (A level grades ABB grades or equivalent) and a minimum EAP C in the NCUK International Foundation Year. 

The NCUK Salford Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship (progression from IY1) is open to applicants who have studied the NCUK International Year One and have an offer for an undergraduate programme. Applicants must achieve 65% from 120 credits, with an EAP C or equivalent in the NCUK International Year 1.

The NCUK Salford Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship (progression from PMP) is open to applicants who have an offer for a master's programme and have achieved 65% from 120 credits, with an EAP C or equivalent in the NCUK pre-master's programme.

How to apply

There is no application process. Your eligibility for this scholarship will be assessed when you apply to your chosen programme. If you are successfully accepted for this scholarship, to confirm your funding you must confirm your offer of admission by paying your tuition fee deposit.

Terms and conditions

You may apply for this scholarship if you have already been awarded a different scholarship. However, in line with our terms and conditions, you can only receive one scholarship - the one with the highest value.

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