MSc Management graduate Dilan secures job at SKAO

A female student in a blazer outside a sign for SKAO

Dilan arrived in Salford straight from completing her undergraduate degree in Turkey. She studied MSc Management and landed a graduate role working for an inter-governmental organisation based at Jodrell Bank.

Take a read of her Salford story.

Choosing Salford

“I was attracted to the University of Salford initially because of the generous scholarship offering which enabled me to pursue my academic goals without financial constraints. Beyond the financial help, Salford’s commitment to practical learning experiences was aligned with my management career goals.

The course was to be taught by great lecturers who are experts within their disciplines using advanced technology where possible and unique teaching methods. Finally, the University’s dedication to student achievement extends beyond the classroom with the excellent support teams including the Careers and Enterprise team who organise careers fairs and one-to-one support.

All these factors made the University of Salford the best place for my academic and professional development.”

My Salford Story

“MSc Management provided me with invaluable skills for my future career. The modules in financial management and ERP were particularly important as they helped me to understand financial principles and systems. I was able to improve my financial data analysis skills which gave me the tools I needed for strategic financial planning and effective system integration. Aside from this, I developed employability skills including critical thinking and project management.

I was thrilled to be the course representative for MSc Management during my studies. I was able to assist and interact with a wide range of people at Salford which enhanced my experience and was immensely fulfilling. I ensured that I went above and beyond to help my fellow students and, in the process, I developed incredibly valuable interpersonal skills.

Away from my studies, I worked part-time as a keyholder at a beauty outlet at Quayside near MediaCity. This position was critical in furthering my professional development. I enhanced my communication skills as I interacted with customers on a regular basis. Furthermore, I was able to develop financial management skills by handling daily transactions and balancing accounts.

During my time at the University of Salford, I received extensive support in all aspects of my student life. This was especially important during a really difficult time when a devasting earthquake hit Turkey and my family was affected. The entire university community, from the lecturers to the wellbeing team, were extremely supportive. They also helped me with the paperwork, so I was able to go home and see my family.

 Salford provided excellent career support, both during my studies and after graduation. I attended numerous careers fairs which allowed me to network with industry professionals and I received support with perfecting my CV which helped me land my dream role.”

Finding a graduate role

“I joined my master’s programme three months after graduating from my undergraduate degree in Turkey therefore I didn’t have lots of experience before I joined Salford. My part-time roles as a course representative and a keyholder helped me secure my role three and a half months after graduating from Salford.

I am currently a Treasury Assistant at the Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) based at the iconic Jodrell Bank site. SKAO is an inter-governmental organisation with a mission to build the world’s largest radio telescopes, designed to advance our understanding of the universe and deliver wider benefits to society through collaboration and innovation. I am incredibly proud to work for such a trail-blazing organisation.”