Salford Business School 14.06.24

Peninsula partnership bears fruit

A partnership between the University of Salford and a HR consultancy Peninsula has born fruit with the first cohort of employees graduating.

Among the group graduating today at a ceremony in the Lowry Theatre was Employment law advisor at Peninsula, Malgorzata Aftyka, who has gained a Postgraduate certificate in Employment Policy and Practice from Salford and it has already boosted her career.

Malgorzata is part of the first cohort to be take part in postgraduate studies following the partnership between Salford Business School and Peninsula. She completed the postgraduate certificate whilst working full time and attending online lectures during the evening one night a week. She said: “It was challenging because it’s very demanding, but I really enjoyed it.

“Despite it being tiring I was always looking forward to Wednesday evenings. I developed really good relationships with all the fantastic tutors who made the modules and teachings so much fun and interesting.”

Malgorzata volunteered to take part in the postgraduate studies alongside several of her fellow Peninsula colleagues. She was motivated by her love for studying and hunger to widen her knowledge of employment law and enhance her career.

Following the completion of her postgraduate certificate, Malgorzata has been granted a promotion to business partner in documentation. Whilst she is thrilled with the promotion, she will still be utilising the knowledge learnt in her postgraduate studies to offer help and advice surrounding employment law.

“During my studies at the University of Salford I’ve gained so much knowledge that I’ve been able to immediately apply to my work at Peninsula. It’s massively aided my work performance and definitely somewhat lead to the promotion I have received.”

Malgorzata praised the module tutors for their abilities to make the content incredibly informative and interesting.