Salford Business School 29.05.24

Sumbal Noureen's Journey from Academia to Corporate Triumph

Sumbal Noureen, graduating with a Distinction in MSc International Business from Salford Business School this winter, has achieved a significant milestone by securing a role as a Senior Advisor at Lloyds Bank.

Sumbal attributes her decision to pursue MSc International Business to her passion for business and the aspiration of securing senior roles in the financial industry. She believes a business degree teaches vital skills that are always in demand in the workplace, such as communication, critical thinking, leadership, decision-making, ethics, and management.

Commencing her role at Lloyds Bank in September, Sumbal describes the experience as "exciting".  In her capacity as a Senior Advisor, she manages the bereavement department, engaging in calls, emails, and face-to-face meetings with representatives, solicitors, and executives of deceased customers. Displaying empathy and kindness, Sumbal assists families during their challenging times, overseeing accounts and facilitating the transfer of assets.

Reflecting on the challenges of adapting to a new learning environment, Sumbal acknowledges, "At the start of my degree, it was a bit challenging to get used to of different learning environment, but with time it got better as the lecturers at Salford Business School were really supportive and helpful towards me."

Sumbal expresses gratitude to the lecturers at Salford Business School, recognising their role in imparting valuable knowledge that equipped her with the necessary skill set for success in the business industry. She specifically highlights the ‘Human Resource Management’ module, emphasizing the universal impact of HR practices in the organisation, as it helps bridge the gap between employee performance and the strategic goals of the organisation.

Sumbal extends her particular appreciation to Dr Rashed Khan, Lecturer in Business Management, who served as her dissertation supervisor and provided extra coaching in using Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS). This additional support is proving invaluable in her professional journey which has advanced her analytical and statistical skills.

Dr Rashed Khan, Lecturer in International Business and Marketing, said: "Watching Sumbal Noureen's journey from a diligent student to a successful professional has been truly rewarding. Her dedication and enthusiasm are a testament to the transformative power of education."

Looking ahead, Sumbal remains committed to continuous learning, eager to acquire additional skills and qualifications to enhance her expertise. With a keen interest in data analytics, Sumbal envisions herself in a senior role in this field within Lloyds Bank. Her decision to choose the University of Salford was influenced by its reputation for cultural diversity, fostering an environment where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn and grow.

Sumbal Noureen's success story stands as an inspiration for students, underscoring the potential for growth, achievement, and career progression through higher education.