Salford Business School 23.05.24

Salford Business School graduate secures FinTech role in a rapidly emerging industry

Winter graduations are in full swing, and there are lots of students graduating who have already been tipped to achieve great things.

Meet Oluwaseun Okegbola: the MSc Financial Technology student graduating this November who has already secured a role in a pioneering London-based FinTech company. Having joined Salford Business School in 2022 following the completion of his undergraduate course in accounting, Oluwaseun has a passion for using technology to drive financial and business policy, utilising his previous experience working in compliance.

Now, following a successful internship placement arranged by Dr Massimo Preziuso, Lecturer in Financial Technology, in July 2023, Oluwaseun has secured a role as a Senior Compliance Specialist with CleverChain, a firm which is spearheading the rapidly emerging FinTech industry. Oluwaseun’s role is to use tech to drive compliance monitoring within the finance industry, using artificial intelligence to streamline processes.

Oluwaseun Okegbola

A participant in Salford Business School’s Industry Mentoring programme, Oluwaseun partially credits this with his success.

“Every student should know about the Industry Mentoring programme!” he says. “They helped me enormously during my time at Salford by reviewing my CV and cover letter, and signposting me to potential opportunities as they became available.”

Oluwaseun will be graduating with a Distinction grade this winter.

“I’d say to any student, set a target for yourself and this can be something to strive for and help you achieve. It’s been a privilege to have been involved with mentoring students during my time at Salford Business School, and I’d like to thank Dr Preziuso in particular for his support and help during my time at the University.”

“I’d like to extend my huge congratulations to Oluwaseun for graduating this winter with a distinction mark,” said Dr Massimo Preziuso, cited by Oluwaseun as one of his key inspirations during his time at Salford. “It’s always a pleasure to see our students learn and grow during their time with us, and the fact that Oluwaseun was so successful in his placement that he was offered a full time permanent role with CleverChain demonstrates his commitment and aptitude for the world of financial technology. In a rapidly emerging industry, more and more businesses are looking for students like Oluwaseun with skills in navigating the world of emerging technology in a financial context.”

Congratulations to Oluwaseun and all of our students graduating this winter!