School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology 16.07.24

First Class Journalism Graduate becomes Assistant Publicist at the BBC

BA (Hons) Journalism (Multimedia) graduate Aroob Raja has graduated with First Class Honours and secured an impressive role at the BBC as an Assistant Publicist based at Media City.

Aroob Raja

Over the past four years Aroob has studied for her degree at Salford whilst working in various roles within the Marketing, Recruitment and External Relations department at the University, spending time in both the Press Office and Student Communications Team.

Aroob said: “I chose to study BA (Hons) Journalism (Multimedia) at Salford as I thoroughly enjoyed the open day back in 2017 and vividly remember rocking up to MediaCity, surrounded by some big journalistic organisations and thinking I could end up there some day as a journalist myself!

“Studying journalism was fun, engaging and a great opportunity to challenge myself in tasks I wouldn’t usually do – things like approaching strangers for vox pops or the cursed ringing up potential interviewees with questions.

“I learnt loads of skills, but soon found that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go in. This was down to the fact that I began to work part time as a Student Communications Assistant in the University’s press team and realised my interest in public relations and the communications industry.

“My job taught me just as much as my degree did whilst letting me practice the skills I was learning in my degree in a semi-real ‘adult’ job. This alongside my PR module is what made me realise that this was the direction I wanted to go in.

“After graduating with a first-class honours, I was lucky enough to interview for the full time Graduate Trainee Communications Officer in the press office. As this was happening, I also worked in the student communications team, gaining experience from that side of things, further enhancing my communications knowledge. To my excitement, I landed the position, moved team’s and began my job there.

“I experienced first-hand how to send press releases, find journalists, deal with communications requests and queries, manage expectations of stakeholders and maintain the university’s reputation. Without this hands-on, real-life job experience, in addition to the theory and skills I picked up from my degree, there was no chance I could have had the confidence to apply for my next role: an Assistant Publicist at the BBC.

“This was one of those jobs you see advertised, thinking ‘why not?’ and go for it with no expectations of a follow up and I was lucky enough to receive an offer for an interview literally a week later, to my surprise.

“Fast forward another week and I finally received ‘the call’ from the BBC’s HR department that I was being offered the position. It was so hard to believe that I remember just not speaking when they offered me the job and the woman had to ask if I was still there. Embarrassing, but can you blame me? It’s the BBC!

“I was finally going to be a part of those impressive news organisations I’d been surrounded by for three years, though not in the way I’d initially hoped. I started with journalism on my mind and PR won, and I don’t regret it."

Now that she has graduated, Aroob looked back on her time at Salford and said:

“I finally get to attend my graduation ceremony almost a year after graduating and achieving my first, I’m officially saying goodbye to four years at Salford.

“When I attended the open day back in 2017, I never would have expected I’d be this attached to a university or a city, but here I am. I’ve learnt a lot, experienced a lot and have tons to be grateful for at Salford, and as cringe as it sounds, I don’t think I could have gotten to this point and had this amazing opportunity presented to me without the university and my job in the press team.”