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We are continually updating the content as more support is provided, so keep an eye on our communication channels for new support as the days get colder.

The content on this page was last updated on 23 November 2022.

Financial support

Our support to help with the cost of living includes multiple provisions, including the introduction of four new bursaries for eligible students.

  • Food Bursary for eligible students to help with food costs
  • Commuter Bursary for eligible students to help with transport costs
  • Work-Based Learning Bursary for eligible students to help with costs associated with work-based learning*
  • Clinical Placements Bursary to help eligible students with costs associated with clinical placements*
  • Free meals on campus in January, February and March 2023
  • Adjustments to our existing Salford Support Fund, including additional funding and amended assessment criteria
  • Additional funding added to our existing bursaries for our underrepresented students

*Students can only receive one of these bursaries.

Further financial support measures may be developed in the future and we will provide information for these at the time of confirmation. Students who registered after the bursaries above were announced in November 2022 will be contacted from February 2023 if they are eligible for financial support.

For the full details of our support, please visit the Student Hub where you can find FAQs and Terms and Conditions (including eligibility criteria) for each of the new bursaries. We also provide a number of existing financial support mechanisms to help you with your financial wellbeing, which you can find below.

Funding for financial difficulties

Assessment measures and eligibility criteria has been relaxed for our Support Funds, with additional funds have been allocated to the Funds to support more students.

Budgeting and money

Student discounts

Help with the cost of living

On-campus spaces and resources

On-campus spaces and resources