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Care leavers

Ever been in care?          

Why are we asking? You may have noticed that the UCAS application asks if you have been in care and for how long. It is not because we are being nosey, and it will definitely not affect your chances of getting a place at Salford. It is simply because we recognise that some care leavers may face different and/or multiple hurdles in coming to university and succeeding to the best of their ability.          

This may include specific financial worries, problems at home which may need to be taken into account, tailored accommodation arrangements, study support, confidence building or emotional support. Then again you may not need this type of support at all!          

Confidentiality is important to us, and we will always respect this. However sometimes, to ensure that you receive the best possible support, with your consent, we may have to inform other people.          

'Care Leaver' - The poem        

Written by;
Jackie Kay the University Chancellor
Presented at the GM Care Leaver Awards 2016                    

Before Starting  

Soon after you have completed your application form, you will receive a welcome letter from the askUS Team inviting you to contact us to arrange a meeting with the Care Leaver Co-ordinator. Of course you do not need to take this up but it would help us if you told us that you don’t need our help. If, later on, you  change  your mind, we can arrange a meeting then! For more information on the support available before and during your studies, you can view our FAQ section here. You can also make a request for support by completing the "Supporting My Application" form.  

Care Leaver’s Advocacy Service              

Barnardo’s Children’s Charity has a long history of supporting children, young people and families from care backgrounds, right across the UK. Their services have helped support and shape the future of children in need, who are classed as looked after children and those registered under child protection plans.              

For young people from care backgrounds, it can be particularly difficult to know where to turn when things don’t work out exactly as they should. That is why Barnardo’s runs an advocacy service to help advise and represent the rights of those in need.              

An advocate can provide young people with the opportunity to talk with someone confidentially, who will listen and help them to understand their situation, whilst providing useful information that can be of benefit to the child/young person. They can also give them the opportunity to have their say in meetings, whilst also representing them by contributing to child protection or child in need plans.              

You can visit the Care Leaver’s Association website to find out more about additional or alternative advocacy services.              

For more information about advocacy and some of the benefits that might be useful to you as a young person or student, please visit: or click on the following links for more information:              

Care Leaver Information    

Important Documents  

Contact for support

Jane Hopkinson
Care Leaver Co-ordinator
t: 0161 295 0023

Please email if you would like to book a 1-1 appointment with Jane.