As part of the apprenticeship funding rules as outlined by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), a progress review meeting (may also be referred as a tripartite meeting) is an opportunity to discuss the progress of the apprentice against their training plan.

These must be carried out every 8-12 weeks depending on how long the programme duration is.

Progress Review Meetings Information

Who are they for?

PRM's are a tripartite discussion between the apprentice, a university tutor and the apprentice's employer. This is so the meeting covers all aspects of the apprentice's journey whilst on programme and that there is a full understanding of what is required and how they are progressing at that moment in time.

How do I take part in a PRM?

A PRM will be initially sent out as a potential placeholder to the apprentice and yourself as the employer from our university tutor. This can either be in the form of email conversations agreeing to a date and time or chosen from an online diary/calendar that's hosted by the University tutor - or a combination of both!

What's my role as the employer in these meetings?

As the employer, you are required to take part in these meetings in order to discuss through any areas of concern from the apprentice's well-being in the workplace (this relates to the Six Fundamentals) further opportunity and training to develop outside of work for the apprentice (this relates to the Off the Job aspect of the apprenticeship) and their overall progress on the programme. The meeting also provides stimulation for discussion around any Change in Circumstances which can be captured early and processed quickly (these can range from a Break in Learning, maternity/ paternity leave, change of employer or line manager etc.).

It is imperative that you sign off on each PRM (it is an ESFA requirement) as recognition that you as the employer will continue to support your apprentice with any issues, actions or recommendations going forward.

How to find and sign a Progress Review Meeting Form

After the Progress Review Meeting has concluded both the apprentice and University tutor may have signed off on the Progress Review Meeting as an acknowledgement of any actions that need to be taken forward.

We will also require your digital signature as evidence to the ESFA that you were not only present during the meeting but also understood the objectives, discussion and actions that were discussed.

There are currently two separate processes for signing a PRM - either using our Aptem onboarding system or OneFile, our e-portfolio system. Guidance on how to find and sign these forms can be found below.