What is meant by change of circumstance?

Listed below are the types of changes of circumstances which require notification:

  • Breaks in Learning
  • Return from Break in Learning
  • Withdrawals
  • Redundancy
  • Change of Employers
  • Change in employment contract hours

The requirement for notification of changes of circumstances for apprenticeship programmes in a timely manner is vital as they often have a direct implication on ILR return and Funding which is claimed monthly. For more information on this please see the ILR and Funding section.

If there is any change of circumstance which effects the original agreement with the apprentice, this must be documented. This may include: changes to price; changes to the apprentice's eligibility; any updates required to the employer's apprenticeship service account; changes to the apprentice's contract or working pattern; changes to the apprenticeship duration; changes of employer; or breaks in learning.

This should be documented with a change of circumstance form.

Break in Learning

The apprenticeship funding rules outline when a break in learning can be undertaken; importantly, there must be an intention to return, and the employer must agree to the break in learning. Reasons for a break in learning could include medical treatment, parental leave, or leave for personal reasons exceeding four weeks.

A training provider has to provide evidence that an apprentice is engaged in active learning every four weeks. If this is not the case, the apprentices will automatically be put on a break in learning.

The university will pause the apprenticeship funding, and the employer must also pause the funding on their digital account. Please see the return from a break in the learning section.


There could be many reasons why an apprentice withdraws from their programme - personal circumstances, non-engagements, change of role etc.

Normally the apprentice would go on a break in learning first and withdrawal would be the last step. Before deciding to withdraw from the programme the apprentice should discuss this with their learning and development coach.

If a withdrawal is agreed as the next step the learning and development coach will complete a change of circumstance form, funding will be stopped and the apprentice will be withdrawn from then programme.


If an apprentice is made redundant this doesn't automatically mean that they must withdraw from the apprenticeship. Depending on how long is left on their apprenticeship depends on the action that should be taken.

Where an apprentice is made redundant on or after 15 October 2020 and on the day of dismissal: (i) Are within six months of the final day of the apprenticeship Practical Period OR they have completed at least 75% of the apprenticeship Practical Period. These apprentices can be funded to completion (including the End-Point Assessment), without the need for a contract of employment or an apprenticeship agreement.

We need to ask the apprentice to complete a change of circumstance form and ask for a copy of their redundancy letter.