Apprenticeship Request for Services

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In order to formalise your relationship with the University of Salford to support an employee on an apprenticeship programme, you will need to complete our online request for services form in the first instance. 

For general apprenticeship enquiries please either complete the contact us form, email or call +44 (0)161 295 3063.

Apprenticeship Request for Services

The first stage of the process is for the employer to complete the online request for services form below. Please note this is not an application, the next step once we have received the completed request for services form, is for the online application form to be sent out to you to share with the candidate.

Please choose the relevant form depending on the programme you are looking to support an apprentice on.  

Entry criteria

Entry criteria onto Higher and Degree Apprenticeship programmes are the same as those for the traditional programmes, so therefore you must satisfy the minimum criteria for entry as stated on our website.  

Please note that in addition to the entry criteria above, the entry requirements for every Higher and Degree Apprenticeship include:  

GCSE English and Maths Grade A-C i.e. 1-4 (or equivalent)  
Level 2 Functional Skills English and Maths (or above) 

We are unable to accept any applications from apprentices who do not meet these requirements and we will need the proof of qualifications with certificates only.  

Please note, you will need the following to hand when you are ready to complete the request for services form. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t the function to save and return to the form later (we are working on this).  

  • Company number (as per Companies House) 
  • Contact details for someone in finance  
  • Company VAT number  
  • Number of employees in the company  
  • Apprentice/s full name  
  • Apprentice/s date of birth 
  • Date apprentice/s started working for the organisation 
  • Maths and English GCSE/Functional Skills qualification and grade for each apprentice 
  • Level 3 qualifications (you will need to add a note giving the details of what the applicant has at level 3) 
  • If the apprentice has any higher qualifications such as a degree  
  • Number of year’s work experience of the apprentice/s  
  • Apprentice/s working hours 
  • Apprentice/s annual leave entitlement  
Alternative entry criteria

Chartered Surveying

For applicants that are applying for the Chartered Surveyor apprenticeship, employers will need to provide their job description to  and provide the name of Chartered Member (MRICS) who will act as counsellor for the Apprentice as they work towards the APC on the request for services.

Senior Leader

When applicants are applying for the Senior Leader programme you will need to include a reference from your line manager. The reference from your employer must include:  

  • How long the person has known you and in what capacity 
  • How long have you worked for them and in what role 
  • Your level of professionalism and other personal traits that make you a successful manager 

Before the application can be submitted, the applicant will be asked to confirm by declaration that the data being submitted is correct. Once the application has been submitted, the admissions team will process the application and check eligibility. The applicant should receive an acknowledgement email once the application is submitted and will be notified of the outcome of the application in writing. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Please note, upon application there will also be a certain amount of initial assessment that we are required to do. This will include a skills scan and a Maths and English diagnostic test and follows apprenticeship funding rule requirements. This is to assess the applicant’s suitability for the apprenticeship. Please bear in mind this is to assess their level of relevant skills currently and to show that they have room to progress if they undertake this course. If they are fully proficient in all areas (i.e. they mark themselves high in terms of levels of knowledge/experience) then an apprenticeship may not be the route for them. 

Application deadlines

Please be aware of the application deadlines below. If an application hasn’t been received by this date, consideration will be given for the next available intake. Please be advised this is a deadline for a full application to be made via the apprentice. A request for services form will have to be completed prior to the application form being shared.  

These dates allow us sufficient time to draw up and issue the employer evidence pack (contract etc.). Please also be aware that we will need to receive the completed employer evidence pack back prior to the apprentice starting the programme. 

  • June 2023 Intake - Application deadline is Friday 28 April 2023
  • September 2023 Intake – Application deadline is Friday 28 July 2023
  • January 2024 Intake - Application deadline is Thursday 30th November 2023

Please check your programme information for more details on intake deadline, as these are specific to each apprenticeship.