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Technicians make it happen

Technicians at Salford are at the heart of everything we do – they’re key to every piece of research, every innovation, and have in some way helped every student at Salford to learn and graduate. Technicians are a highly valuable part of our university team.

That’s why we’ve joined the Technician Commitment – ensuring that the hundreds of highly-skilled technicians at Salford get the recognition they deserve, and that we remain at the forefront of change, industry and innovation.

Action plan

Our Technician Commitment is a driving tool to develop and enhance technicians. It’s vital our Technician Commitment Action Plan reflects the needs of our technicians. The actions in this plan are all determined, and importance voted for by technicians Our Technician Commitment is a driving tool to develop and enhance technicians. It’s vital our Technician Commitment Action Plan reflects the needs of our technicians. The actions in this plan are all determined and importance voted for by technicians.

More Information about the Technician Commitment

Career Development

What are the career opportunities for technicians at Salford?

Our technicians all have specialist knowledge and professional practice – many come from industry and may have worked in areas including engineering, film and media production, theatre and clinical research. Many technicians also work at a senior level alongside our teaching and research staff, enabling students to get the most from their university experience.

We value the insights that technicians bring to Salford, and as part of the Technician Commitment we’re working to improve career progression for technicians, including creating opportunities to move into academia, research and gain new or additional qualifications.

Simply put, it’s our job to help Salford’s technicians to achieve the next stage in their career – just as it’s their job to be the technical infrastructure, working behind the scenes, to ensure we can continue to provide the best university experience to our students.


What difference will the Technician Commitment make?

Technicians at Salford are specialists in their field, whether that’s Biomedical Sciences, Broadcast Media Production, Radiography, Acoustics, Wildlife or Information Technology – technicians contribute to education and research across every department, and often bring a huge amount of insight from backgrounds in industry.

As part of the Technician Commitment, we’re supporting technicians at Salford to gain recognition through professional registration, and we’re also working to increase the number of technicians who are referenced on research papers – helping to recognise the level that Salford technicians are working at, and the unique insight that they bring to the university.


How can we inspire the next generation of technicians?

Through joining the Technician Commitment, we’re driving the professionalisation of technical roles through professional registration, recognition, career development, and through inspiring the next generation to consider a technical career.

We’re working to ensure that technicians are recognised on research papers, and that they’re able to bring their unique technical and industry experience to benefit students through demonstrating, influencing research and working alongside our teaching staff.

We’re also investing in the next generation of technicians through creating apprenticeships and by offering work experience and specialist technical workshops to local college students – giving young people the opportunity to experience the exciting projects technicians at Salford make happen, every day


What do Salford technicians do?

Our team of technicians build new aircraft engines, they undertake laboratory research to help find cures for diseases, and engage in world-leading commercial research for energy efficiency. Technicians at Salford are behind the scenes of everything we do, every day.  

There are over 150 technicians currently working at the University of Salford. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring unique experience which makes them a vital part of the university’s team. Through joining the Technician Commitment we will ensure that all technicians are visible, and that their contribution is recognised – both within Salford, and the wider impacts of their world globally.

Careers and development

We are committed to the continued development of an expert, accredited and agile technical team who are able to apply their skills and knowledge across traditional discipline boundaries.