Professional development opportunities

Students in the anechoic chamber

We are dedicated to continuously developing a skilled, accredited, and adaptable technical team capable of applying their expertise across various disciplines.

Career Progression

There are many exciting opportunities for a technician at Salford. The University supports your development, but we also encourage technicians to develop their own growth through sharing ideas, reflection, and through seeking out new information which can support continuous development - We'd encourage you to find what helps you to learn and progress the most.

We also support career progression through:

  • Designing learning experiences and events
  • Providing specialist workshops
  • Funding some types of accredited learning or courses
  • Providing expertise around coaching and mentoring
  • Associate Fellowship applications to the Higher Education Authority (HEA)

If you have any queries about how to progress your career as a technician at Salford, we recommend that you first chat to your line manager. You can also have a look at National Technician Development Centre and HEaTED, for access to information, expertise and tools all created to support career progression for technicians.

Professional Registration

The career paths that technicians take vary widely; some technicians may have started a career as a trainee or apprentice, and others may have a degree, masters or PhD - there are also those who have come to a technical role from a career in industry. The important work that technicians do is equally diverse as their career paths.

We want to support all Salford technicians to gain professional registration.

Registration gives you:

  • The chance to benchmark your skills against a global standard

  • Recognition of your experience and better career prospects

  • Transferability of your skills to other roles of organisations

  • Improved job satisfaction and ongoing development

If you have any queries about professional registration first chat to your line manager.

The National Technician Development Centre and the Institute of Science Technology can also provide advice and guidance on professional registration.