Technology for learning

IT Essentials at Salford

Begin with this collection of information and videos on getting connected to some of the IT systems, services and resources at Salford, including the Student Hub, Blackboard and Microsoft 365 and its tools.

Estimated duration is 30 minutes.

Using Collaborate for online lectures

Learn how to access Collaborate lectures and webinars, how to make the most of Collaborate Ultra when attending an online lecture, the tools Collaborate Ultra has that can help you to get involved with a lecture, from how to use the chat function to making the most of its built-in accessibility features.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Apps for online group working

Learn about Microsoft Teams and other online apps you can use for effective collaborative group working.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Using Microsoft Word to format your essay

Learn how to use the tools in MS Word to format your assessments. Topics include fonts, line spacing, paragraph alignment, indentations, margins, numbering, headers and footers, footnotes, spelling and grammar and word count.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Narrated Presentations and Video submissions

Learn how to record narration and create a video using a PowerPoint presentation. ScreenPal (formerly known as Screencast-o-Matic) is a software tool which can record your screen and also allow you to add video material from other sources to produce a finished video.

AI Awareness

Learn what Generative AI is, when it is okay and not okay to use it in your academic work and personal development, as well as some general guidance on how to use it correctly.