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The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates how vulnerable we all are to the emergence of viruses and diseases. With a world brought closer together, we need more scientists to help fight future pandemics and help reduce global health issues.

Science is a diverse and evolving field. As a scientist in the lab or out in the field, you can address these challenges and help make scientific breakthroughs. 

If you're ready to continue your passion for science into higher education, read on and discover degree course grounded in biology, chemistry and physics but designed to accelerate your career.

Careers in Science

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The COVID-19 pandemic response highlights the many ways that science can rise to the challenge. The response brought together expertise from a wide range of scientific backgrounds to shape public health messaging, provide testing, treat symptoms and create a vaccine.

Explore the careers that led the various responses and solutions.


Trending Science roles

Bioscience under the microscope

Biomedical science

Emerging technology is changing the way we identify, diagnose and treat major endemic health challenges.

Cutting-edge bioscience research is now being used to solve some of the biggest challenges we face today – from developing new cures for diseases and health conditions, to combating climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Find out more about specialist branch of bioscience grounded in biology and chemistry.


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At the University of Salford, we're passionate about brining new science talent to take advantage of the potential that new technology brings. If you're ready to start a career finding new solutions, treatments and health interventions, make Salford your next step.

We've developed an exciting range of career-focused degree courses that offer specialisms in biological sciences, biomedicine, chemical sciences, marine biology, physics, wildlife conservation and zoology.

Be inspired by industry guest lectures and live projects. Join a professional science community finding ways to apply cutting-edge technology to advance human and natural sciences. Experience research-led teaching, delivered from our cutting-edge Bodmer laboratories based at our green campus just minutes from Manchester city centre.

Come and explore how to gain knowledge and skills for an exciting career where you can shape the future of science.