What can I do with a Physics degree?

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Physics is a diverse and evolving field. Whether in the lab or out in the field, you can address real-world challenges and help make scientific breakthroughs with a career in physics.

If you're ready to continue your passion for science into higher education, read on and discover what you could do with a degree in physics. 

Due to the analytical and problem-solving nature of physics, this degree can open up a wide range of career pathways. As a physics graduate, you can look for opportunities in a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, defence, finance, research, education, engineering and the nuclear industry. 

Physics Courses at Salford

Physics Courses

Physics underpins everyday life, from the structure of the universe to the smartphone in your hand. This Physics degree will put you in position to discover the next scientific breakthroughs and innovations. 

Explore our Physics courses:

BSc (Hons) Physics

BSc (Hons) Physics with Foundation Year