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Nurture a sustainable future



With the global push to be more sustainable, do less harm and alleviate the impact of flooding and pollution, both public and private sectors are opening up new roles for geography and environmental management graduates to apply knowledge and skills that can make a difference for our world.

As concern grows about climate change and the loss of biodiversity and whole ecosystems, now is the time to get to the heart of key environmental issues facing humans and our natural world. By choosing a degree based in environmental management, geography or wildlife conservation, you can engage with issues such as sustainability, biodiversity and inclusive urban planning.

Ways to save the planet


Mitigating the effects of climate change is essential for the survival of life as we know it and for preventing the extinction of many endangered species.

Explore the different ways a degree in wildlife conservation, geography or environmental management can help protect our environment.


Trending Environment Roles

Climate Change Careers

Wind farm

As the effects of climate change become more extreme, we need more environmental professionals to work to reduce the negative impact.

From renewable energy development to ocean management, there are interventions we can make now to lessen the impact in the future.

Explore some related roles and courses that can help to fight climate change.

Study the environment with Salford


Geography and environmental management management students

At the University of Salford, we're passionate about bringing more skilled professionals into the environment sector. If you're ready to start a career tackling climate change and supporting ambitions to reach 'Net Zero', make Salford your next step.

We've developed an exciting range of career-focused degree courses that offer specialisms in environmental management, geography and wildlife conservation.

Be inspired by industry guest lectures and live projects. Visit impressive local projects that support sustainable futures. Experience industry-led teaching, delivered from our green campus just minutes from Manchester city centre. Learn practical skills to get to the heart of key environmental issues facing our society.

Come and explore how to gain knowledge and skills for a future career in the environment.

Environment and geography-based degree courses at Salford