How will I study acoustics, audio and sound?

Students in the anechoic chamber

Acoustics, Audio and Sound The Salford Experience

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When you study an acoustics, audio and sound-based degree course at Salford you put your knowledge to the test through hands-on experiments, placements and industry connections. 

Learn in world-class acoustic laboratories as you begin to discover the acoustic design principles behind smartphones, cars, and loudspeakers. Using our outstanding facilities, you’ll learn from expert tutors as you explore the science of sound, vibration and its human impact.

Read on to get a flavour of what to expect. 

Acoustic, audio and sound courses at Salford

Acoustical and Audio Engineering

Students in the anechoic chamber

Acoustics study blends the physics of sound with the psychology of how people react to noise and vibration. 

Get into this fascinating field with one of our Acoustical and Audio Engineering degrees. 

Explore our acoustical and audio degree courses:

BEng (Hons) Acoustical and Audio Engineering 

BEng (Hons) Acoustical and Audio Engineering with Foundation Year

MEng (Hons) Acoustical and Audio Engineering

Sound Engineering and Production

An audio mixing desk

Sound engineers shape how we perceive live and recorded sound. Develop advanced professional knowledge and take your studio skills to the highest standard with our Sound Engineering and Production degree.

Explore our Sound Engineering and Production degree courses:

BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering and Production

BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering and Production with Professional Experience