Nursing: Service Users and Carers Group

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‘It’s the little things that matter’




Joined-up care

Personalised care

Good communication


Being listened to

These are some of the key messages our Service Users and Carers Group bring to the training of nurses in the School of Health and Society.

The Nursing Service Users and Carers Group (SU&C) is a collective group of service users, carers and parents who have past and current lived experience of engaging with local healthcare services and or providing care for family or friends. The group shares their breadth and wealth of expertise and diverse lived experiences in an open genuine, generous and frank manner with students to ensure that the voices of the public, patients and carers are fully heard and represented in the nursing curriculum

The SU&C members are highly respected and form an integral part of our nursing directorate activities. The aim of the inclusion of the SU&C group is to improve the quality of training programmes for our student nurses.

Group members share lived experiences to increase understanding and awareness of individual patient needs, their vulnerability and patient safety. Their involvement helps to ensure a person-centred approach to the curriculum and helps students to develop a compassionate and humanistic approach to care, and to develop their communication skills along with their competencies and professionalism, which are all critical in providing safe and high-quality care. 

The SU&C group was established over 15 years ago to quality assure undergraduate nursing curricula and has representation from all age groups with diverse healthcare and cultural backgrounds.  

The group members participate in all stages of the student journey including the recruitment and interviewing process, the design and delivery of courses, contribution to lectures and seminars, and the production of re-useable learning materials, such as digital stories, audio or videos. Group members are also involved in the assessment and evaluation of nursing courses being delivered across undergraduate, postgraduate and post-qualifying education and training. The Learner and Service User/Carer Conference for Year 1 pre-registration nurses is a key annual activity for group members and has been in place since the inception of the SU&C group

Local and national organisations

SU&C group members are active members of local and national community groups and organisations, including:  

Local and national organisations



The Princess Royal Trust for Carers

Patient Association

NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale

Salford Older People Partnership

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People

British Diabetic Association

George House Trust


Salford Institute for Dementia

Health Innovation Manchester

Patient and Public Engagement Committee, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale CCG

Greater Manchester Citizen Lab

Access 2 All Areas


NHS England

Health Education England

Department of Health and Social Care

Health and Care Professions Council

National Institute of Health Research

Research Design Service

Clinical Commissioning Groups

McPin Foundation (Mental Health Charity)

NIHR Surgical Med-Tech Co-operative

Independent Mental Health Network

Get involved

We are always looking to welcome new members to the group and to improve the range of activities that we offer our students. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

Dr Mary E. Braine, Service User and Carer Lead, via telephone: +44 (0)161 295 6491 or email: