From University to the USA: Jack's Sport Rehabilitation Journey

Meet BSc (Hons) Sport Rehabilitation graduate Jack

Jack completed his BSc (Hons) in Sport Rehabilitation at the University of Salford, graduating with a passion for helping athletes recover from injuries and reach their full potential. Throughout his university journey, Jack immersed himself in diverse experiences, from placements with England Basketball and Stockport County Football Club to an enriching six-week placement in the USA with the American professional baseball team, Detroit Tigers. 

We caught up with Jack to delve into his varied experiences and gather insights for aspiring professionals in the realm of Sports Rehabilitation. 

Hi Jack, tell us more about yourself

Sport Rehabilitation student Jack in a t-shirt against a white painted brick wall.

"I’m Jack. I’m from Manchester and currently approaching the end of my third and final year at the university! Alongside my studies, I’m a track and field athlete on the University's High-Performance Athlete Programme."

Why did you choose to study Sport Rehabilitation?

"I chose Sport Rehabilitation as it was everything I wanted to do in one course and more. I also feel that being from a sport background, I gained a natural curiosity around injuries and rehabilitation from my own experiences with injury and wanted to explore and understand everything further."

What made you choose Salford?

"I heard of the reputation that the Sport Rehabilitation programme had at Salford along with it being the “birthplace” of the course. When I came on Open Days, it more than met my expectations and blew me away with the facilities and equipment, which have only developed and grown throughout my time here. Not to mention that the university is on my doorstep, so it was convenient to get to!"

How will your degree help you with future career plans?

"My aim is to work within elite level sport and have my own private practice, which means I have a long road ahead of me but one which will provide me with a challenge I’m willing to accept. I aspire to one day tackle the academic pathway by working towards a master's and doctorate, I hope!"

Tell us what an ordinary day at university is like

"A normal day for me would start at 07:00 - 07:30 to make it to the university for me to sit down and go through any reading before the lectures start at 09:00. These typically ended around 11:00 with the afternoon sessions starting around 14:00 and ending at 15:00-16:00. The weeks can vary depending on which year you’re in and which semester you’re in."

Tell us about your placement in the USA

"I was fortunate enough to go over to the USA for six weeks, where I spent all that time in Lakeland, Florida with the Detroit Tigers, observing, working and learning alongside the athletic trainers there. The trainers made sure I got to see every part of the team by rotating me around the Lakeland Flying Tigers and Florida Complex League teams. For me, most days started around 05:30-06:00 and finished around 13:00."

I was fortunate enough to be there as a draft was happening. This is where players from colleges get selected for their pro contracts and brought to the team. I was able to see the medical screening process they had to go through, which has definitely given me food for thought when it comes to my future practice. Of course, it wasn’t always hard work; we had plenty of downtime too! Juan, one of our supervisors, took us kayaking, and Corey, the Minor League Coordinator, took us for a tour around the University of South Florida followed by a very fancy steak house meal."

Have you taken part in any other placements or work experience as part of your course?

"I’ve been able to take part in various placements as there has never been a shortage thanks to the network of the staff. I’ve been involved with England Basketball, Stockport County Football Club, and British Lacrosse. I’ve been able to learn and take away from each of these placements, which I know will help my career later down the line."

What’s been your favourite module on the course?

"My favourite modules are the exercise and rehabilitation modules. Learning how to use exercise to make people better and understanding the theory behind it is very interesting! I was able to take that knowledge away and apply it to my own training and use it on placements, which just strengthened my understanding of it all."

Why should prospective students apply for your course?

"If they are interested in sports and sports injury, or just want to help injured people get better (it’s not always about sport!), then Sport Rehabilitation is the gateway for them to get started. I feel it prepares you with all the tools you need to face patients as soon as you graduate!"

What has been the most valuable part of studying at Salford?

"I’d say the endless opportunities for placements have been the most valuable. Being able to get out there and put the skills we’ve all learnt into practice has been key. It brings a whole host of other benefits too, such as developing social skills and communication skills. We are coming into a job which is all about people and talking and building relationships, which is something the course can’t teach through lectures and PowerPoints—you have to get out there and learn how to do it!"