Why Study Sport Rehabilitation?

Lia's Story

Why Salford?

I chose to study at Salford because of the amount of Sport Rehab-related job opportunities in nearby Manchester. The City of Salford is also beautiful. The support is fantastic as the lecturers are there to help us even at our lowest times.

Why Study Sport Rehabilitation?

I have chosen to study Sport Rehabilitation because I have always been passionate in helping others recover and prevent injuries. I have the drive and eagerness to learn new skills and knowledge that is tailored in the rehabilitation of the patient. I have always been into sports and have been playing football since I was 8 years old. I have experienced injuries myself and this helped me understand the anatomy and the recovery phase.

My experience has been a roller coaster ride because I took a gap year after my 1st year to focus on my mental health. After coming back, I gave 100% effort in everything I could in and out of the course. Overall, my experience has been great because the lecturers and colleagues have made the university experience outstanding.

What can I do with a Sport Rehabilitation degree?

I completed 300 hours of placement as part of the course. This included placements at;

  • The Salford University Sports Injury Clinic  
  • Sales Shark Women's Rugby
  • Marathon events
  • Football events in Coventry
  • Salford Sports Centre

My plans when I graduate are to continue my massage business or work with a professional physiotherapy clinic in Manchester as a rehabilitation therapist.


We learn by practical lessons, professional practice, online and placements. I particularly enjoy the practical sessions of the course as we are putting theory into practice all of the time. I enjoyed the strength and conditioning because I had the opportunity to coach and learn how to Olympic lift, deadlift, squat and other exercise involved in rehabilitation.