Whether you're looking to learn more about the background of our Journalism tutors and technical demonstrators, read FAQs, or put a face to a name, find out more about the team of experts who will work with you to ensure your learning experience with the University of Salford is a success.


Get to know the Journalism faculty through these FAQs

What Journalism disciplines do your Journalism faculty explore?

Our staff team is made of Journalists and former Journalists. We have many decades of experience in TV, radio, print and online journalism and many of us are still practising journalists. 

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Do the journalism courses have any technical staff that'll help me learn new skills?

Our teaching staff are supported by an experienced and talented team of technical demonstrators. They help students to operate broadcasting studios and galleries and teach technical skills such as camera operations and audio and video editing. 

What’s the teaching style of your Journalism faculty at the University of Salford

Most of our teaching for our Journalism and PR degree courses is practical, using demonstrations and exercises of journalistic techniques and practices in small group settings. The theoretical elements of the course are taught through lectures and seminars. In the 2nd and 3rd year, students undertake news days and major projects, and are supervised by lecturers on a one-to-one basis. 

How will the Journalism faculty support my learning and development?

You will be assigned a personal tutor who will support you through your three years on the course. Your personal tutor will arrange regular tutorials to discuss your progress and help with any problems you may be having, and will be your mentor for news days and the Major Journalism Project in the final year of the course. In addition, all members of the Journalism faculty are available to respond to students questions and to support them through their studies, and to provide support and guidance for careers and employability.   

Which visiting professors, Journalists and scholars have engaged with your Journalism students?

We are regularly visited by journalists who deliver guest lectures and guest-edit our news days. Recent guests include Nick Wallis (investigative journalist, ’The Great Post Office Scandal’), Richard Frediani (Editor, BBC Breakfast), Daniel Hewitt (Political Correspondent, ITV News) Adam McLean (Reporter, BBC Breakfast), Andy Swiss (BBC Sports News Correspondent), Nick Garnett (Reporter, BBC 5 Live) and Aasma Day (Reporter, i Newspaper).