Hundreds of our students engage with the nationwide Green Space Dark Skies project

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Hundreds of students engage with the nationwide Green Space Dark Skies project

Hundreds of University of Salford students have engaged with, or taken part in placements with the Green Space Dark Skies project throughout the last academic year.

Led by Walk the Plank, one of the UK’s leading companies in outdoor events and arts in public space, Green Space Dark Skies brings together 20,000 people from all paths of life to celebrate landscapes across the UK in 2022.

20 events taking place from April to September combine music, dance, poetry, and lighting to create magical moving artwork in the nation’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Each event leaves behind no trace, except for a series of films.

Working with GSDS, Salford School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology has sourced, created, promoted, and delivered a range of placements and work-based learning opportunities for students.

View the event films, and keep up to date or get involved with Green Space Dark Skies and Walk the Plank’s social media profiles by following their InstagramFacebookand Twitter accounts.

April Coward, MA PR & Digital Communications, the University of Salford, said:

"For me, doing this 3 month internship was amazing, because it really allowed me to get to know the project. I think by doing a work placement it allowed me to gain a lot of skills which aren’t necessarily taught on a course, more just because they are little things that you don’t really think of until you are in the situation.

“For example, whilst I was at Walk the Plank, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the research element of PR, including how to lay out my findings in a coherent way which I can transfer to other roles in the future."


Our students have had the opportunity to work across Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Politics & Research and Production Assisting.

Students from a range of programmes have been able to take part including:


Harry Hosker, Employability Advisor, The University of Salford, said:

"The range of placements and opportunities available across the Green Space Dark Skies project have provided excellent opportunities for our students to develop their understanding and awareness of their creative practices within the context of a national event.

The opportunity for students to work with local organisations for short term placements is essential to continue building their skills and employability and we look forward to continuing this work with the remainder of the project."