When you study Film, TV and Radio with us, you’ll get access to industry-standard facilities in our MediaCityUK building. The facilities are geared towards helping you harness your creativity, with everything from flexible TV, radio and Digital Media spaces to 3D printers. Not sure how something works? Don’t worry, our team of experts will ensure you'll get the most out of using our Film, TV and Radio facilities at the University of Salford.


Our Film, TV and Radio facilities

TV studios

Our TV studios are industry-standard, so much so that they are actually used by the industry. The BBC have used them for a variety of broadcasts, such as the Olympics and Christmas music concerts, and they’re equipped with the same audio-visual systems used by the ITV and Sky too.

The studios have green screen facilities (more on those below) as well as basic props so you can design and build sets for a range of projects, from game shows to news broadcasts.

All these studios link to our control rooms and the feeds can either edited in the control rooms and transmitted live, or saved and edited at a later date.

They contain eight Sony HXC 500 HD broadcast cameras, a Sony DWX wireless microphone system and a ETC ION Lighting Desk with robotic lighting. Not sure what that all means yet? Don’t worry, at this point you just need to know that it’s a similar set up to that used by the BBC, ITV and Sky, so when you secure your first job at a broadcaster, you’ll feel right at home from day one.

Green screen facilities

These allow you to create effects such as those you see on weather reports and incorporates a camera system and 3D graphics software.

They are the same standard as those used by broadcasters and production companies, and are used by the BBC to produce programmes such as those on children’s TV. When this happens, you’ll often get the chance to support, giving you hands-on experience of real productions.


Computer suites

With 26 workstations for you to use, you’ll be able to bring your ideas to life in our computer suite. Each consists of an iMac, audio interface, controller keyboard and headphones, as well as all the software you’ll learn (and use in the world of work when you graduate. Logic X, Pro Tools, Ableton, Max MSP, Sibelius, Soundtoys, GRM Tools and a huge selection of Universal Audio and Waves plug-ins – the list goes on.

Audio production

We’ve got all the hardware and software you need to make sure you’ll know just how to create, edit, mix and master audio for film and television. Our main studios feature Avid S6 consoles – a similar set up to those at our MediaCity neighbours, such as Dock10 and ITV.

Elsewhere, we have Mac suites where you can use and learn the software used by the professionals, as well as a dedicated foley studio, an audio production and post-production suite, a dubbing theatre and several edit suites.

It all means that you’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn all aspects of audio production and find your niche.

Radio studios

If radio is your area of interest, we can offer you three cutting edge studios which have been used for live contributions to shows on talkSPORT and Capital.

They’re equipped with Studer OnAir 3000 mixing desks and mirror the hardware and software set up in the BBC’s radio studios.

The first studio features separate live and control rooms while the others can be operated completely by those doing the presenting. They are mainly used by our TV and Radio Production students but can be accessed by anyone with an interest in radio who undergoes an induction.

Finishing and editing suites

Our dedicated editing suites will allow you to learn and excel in all elements of post-production work. They feature 4K monitors and 5.1 surround sound systems (so you can pick out all details of your work as you create your masterpiece) as well as all the software you’ll need and use when you start your career.

This includes Avid Media Composer (used for editing much of the broadcast TV you’ll see), Da Vinci Resolve (used for colour finishing across a range of TV programmes), as well as Adobe Creative Cloud.


Equipment stores

Cameras, lighting kits and mics – they’re all essential to media production. But don’t worry, you won’t need to spend thousands of pounds to get the set-up you need – we have a fully equipped equipment store available for you to use and take out industry-standard kit.

From the Panasonic VariCam (used to film Netflix shows such as Ozark and Orange is the New Black) to the ARRI Alexa (as used on The Mandalorian) and a host of other kit from companies like Canon, AKG and Sennheiser, you’ll be able to shoot and record on location in the high quality you need to bring your vision to life.