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Starting university or a new course can be challenging. At Salford Business School, we're committed to supporting you throughout your time with us. Learn more about our current mentoring programmes and how you can get involved.

Postgraduate Mentoring Programme

Business School Mentor Group Members

The Postgraduate Mentoring Programme pairs each new student who joins a master's course at Salford Business School with a current master's student to mentor them. Mentors and mentees meet three times during the first term in small groups, discussing tips on topics such as becoming more familiar with the campus, navigating the many resources available to help you in your studies, and how to grow your personal and professional networks and contacts. 

As someone who has 'been there,' our mentors provide invaluable insight and support for mentees as they settle into their new course. For mentors, the opportunity to develop their mentoring and interpersonal communicative skills is invaluable for future employment. 

Hear from our mentors and mentees about their experiences in the video below. 

Student Ayo attending the Business School Mentor Group
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To learn more about the programme, please contact: Laura Becerra - International Academic Support Tutor