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Sport science combined with innovative technology is helping athletes across all sports to optimise their physical output.

Over the past 10 years the commercial and grant funded research carried out by the Sport Science team at Salford has helped the best get better in a wide range of sports. The team has refined assessment methods to enhance the reliability and usefulness of the testing methods used to monitor performance and provide insight into how athletes should train to improve performance. The research findings have helped professional strength and conditioning coaches and sports science staff understand how to conduct testing procedures correctly and how to interpret the data appropriately.


We are not currently able to take any customers for the Exercise Physiology Testing Service due to the current pandemic.

We will be reviewing the situation in January 2021.

Human Performance Lab

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Lab is easily configurable for a number of different sport science set ups and scenarios.

Latest equipment for sports science

30 metre running track

A 30-metre running track with a Brower Timing Gate to test speed, change of direction and agility performance, it contains the very latest equipment for measuring performance data. 


  • Ten Qualisys ProReflex cameras provide three-dimensional motion capture of a variety of activities including running gait, walking gait, triple jump and change of direction while a Qualisys Oqus 6 camera set-up has been used to capture the three-dimensional movement of activities such as squash and weightlifting. These camera systems are used with a range of AMTI force plates built into the floor allowing us to accurately measure ground reaction forces.
  • Two portable Kistler force plates that are used to measure ground reaction forces, balance and proprioception and two portable ultrasound scanners used to study skeletal muscles architecture and tendon properties.
  • Five Casio Exilim EX-F1 cameras provide high-speed filming which enables the close analysis of athletic movement and we have three EMG systems that are used to measure muscle activity.
  • A Fitness Technology Ballistic Measurement System with an integrated force plate and displacement transducer is used to test various aspects of weightlifting and power-based exercises; while KinCom and Biodex isokinetic dynamometers, are used for rehabilitation, strength testing and injury diagnostics.


  • Portable and static online gas analysis systems provide breath-by-breath cardiopulmonary exercise testing, including V̇O2 max tests while Wingate and Lode cycle ergometers are used to test anaerobic capacity and power and provide isokinetic testing conditions within cycling.
  • An Analox G37 Multi-Assay Blood Analyser allows us to study blood lactate concentration plus our selection of field based Lactate Pro analysers lets us test athletes at their facilities.
  • We also have a range of other testing equipment including Polar heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, hand grip dynamometers and a range of body composition equipment including Harpenden skinfold callipers, bio-electrical impedance analysers and a Bodymetrix system which incorporates ultrasound technology.

Body composition monitoring

Our state of the art body composition laboratory features technologies such as the BodPod, allowing athletes to monitor their body composition during different stages of the competitive season. This is extremely important in weight-controlled sports such as boxing. This laboratory also has an important role in assessing energy balance and general health status in clients who are not from sporting backgrounds.

Exercise physiology testing service

Our excellent facilities are used to support athletes via our exercise testing service. Clients undertake a variety of key laboratory and field-based tests to assist in the prescription of training and subsequent improvements in performance. This service focuses mostly on endurance-based sports, namely running and cycling. We have a strong client base, many of whom are repeat visitors.


We are not currently able to take any customers for the Exercise Physiology Testing Service due to the current pandemic.

We will be reviewing the situation in January 2021.