University of Salford appoints Director of Strategic Industry Partnerships

Categories: University Campus

The University of Salford has appointed Mike Brown as Director of Strategic Industry Partnerships. Mike joined the University in 2017 leading on the Engineering and Environments strand of the Industry Collaboration Strategy, having previously worked as Director of Mainstream Engineering Global Academic Programmes at Siemens.  

Mike takes on the responsibility of developing, implementing, and managing regional, national, and international cross-sector partnerships that are at the centre of the University’s strategic priorities: to increase the impact of research and innovation and provide Salford students with exceptional experiences with industry that will help them graduate into the world of work. 

Mike Brown commented: “Our ethos of collaborating with industry has been developing for several years at the University and is embedded in everything we do and the way we do it. We engage with and influence the development of academic and industry initiatives to respond to and deliver solutions to real world problems. Our whole strategy centres on delivering the best outcomes for industry and for students.” 

Development of the Industry Collaboration Strategy feeds directly into the ongoing and industry-driven evolution of the University activities and the impetus to maximise the many opportunities to work and partner with industry.  The University’s value-led approach is aligned to regional and national industrial strategies, with particular focus in core areas of Robotics & Autonomous Systems, Smart & Sustainable Living, and Digitalisation. 

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