A Sunny Salford Scholar Graduation

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The University of Salford’s Graduation ceremonies took place last week as the UK experienced a heatwave.  It was not only a record-breaking week for soaring temperatures, but we also celebrated the graduation of 19 Salford Scholars from the School of Science, Engineering and Environment.

A small reception was held for our graduating scholarship students, their families, supporters, and donors, to celebrate their outstanding achievements whilst studying at Salford. Our donors have provided our students with incredible opportunities over the years, including financial support, mentoring, industry placements, and the confidence to succeed.

A representative from MGF, a Salford scholarship donor and valuable industry partner, said: “We are very pleased to be continuing our association with the University of Salford and supporting scholars through their studies in Civil Engineering. The academic staff, courses and scholars are all excellent. Encouraging the study of Engineering and supporting scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds is central to both ourselves and the University.”

Our 19 graduating scholars benefited from the following scholarship programmes:

Hannah Temple

Abdul Rahman Sanhat

Aiysha Ismail

Ilenia Khan

Sheikh Abdalla Al-Mamun

Yahseen Hussain 

Ethan Yates 

Lois White 

Computer Science: Alisha Sadiq and Omar Yaseen 

Software Engineering with Professional Experience: Osama Nasreen 

Computer Science with Data Analytics: Ronak Rasouli

Computer Science with Cyber Security: Syed Abidi and Waqas Ahmed

​​​​​​​Claire Chadwick ​​​​​​​

Civil Engineering: Ben Kirby and Mia Charnock

Civil and Architectural Engineering: Oliver Latham 


Ged Mason OBE, supporter of both the Gerry Mason Engineering Scholarship and Morson Group Scholarship said: It fills our whole Morson family with so much pride to see another cohort of Gerry Mason Scholars graduate, part of the future of our engineering industry. I know my father would be as proud as we are. It’s always a pleasure to meet with them and talk to them about their studies and find out more about themselves as people. 

"With the Covid pandemic and economic challenges, it’s been a difficult few years for everyone, not least those undertaking degrees, and seeing how the graduates have risen to that challenge, achieved their grades and done themselves and their families proud is really inspiring. A special thank you also to my colleagues at Morson Projects and the wider Group for mentoring the students throughout their course and for showing them the potential careers they can undertake.” 

Several of our scholars have already secured graduate roles in industry. Also in attendance at the celebratory reception were our donors and graduating members of the Salford Racing team who have benefitted from donor support over the years, particularly the recent sponsorship from Morson Projects. Thanks to Morson Projects, members of Salford Racing have developed their design and manufacturing knowledge and benefitted from expert industry advice.  

A spokesperson of the JS Engineering Scholarship added: “I am very proud of Ethan’s outstanding achievement at Salford and wish him every success on his life and career journey. I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to Salford over 30 years ago, without which I would not have been able to attend University. Now being able to help students from similar backgrounds as myself and give them the same chance I got, is one of the most rewarding things possible." 

Salford Donors who attended the event

  • Ged Mason OBE, Morson Group
  • Chris Burke and Andy Hassall,  Morson Projects 
  • Steve Hesketh and Lee Womersley, MGF
  • Peter Casey
  • A representative from JS


Salford Scholars

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