Morson Group Philanthropy

The Morson Group was founded by Gerry Mason from his family home in 1969. Over the past 50 years, the Morson Group has become one of the largest engineering recruitment companies in the world and developed a diverse collection of businesses with an outstanding reputation for delivering solutions across a range of sectors, including aerospace, construction, automotive, and digital.

The University of Salford is extremely proud of our relationship with the Morson Group for their generosity has provided our students and staff with incredible opportunities, from the creation of the Maker Space which features a range of industry-standard equipment to life-changing scholarships.

Maker Space

With thanks to the generosity of the Morson Group, we were able to create the Maker Space and Morson Engine Room, an environment that enables students and staff to enhance their practical skillset and knowledge of applications.

Our Maker Space is an additive manufacturing and digital fabrication facility which also houses the 3D Print Hive. The Morson Engine Room houses our heavy machinery, including the waterjet cutter and 3D metal printer; it also features our Metrology room, a space for more analytical work, including reverse engineering, prototyping, measurement, and microscopy.

Make in Salford’ is the motto for those in the Maker Space, as it was designed to not only enhance the employability of our students by providing them with real-world engineering skills but to inspire our expert technical team and external industry professionals to collaborate across the University and innovate traditional processes. 

Students from the Salford Racing Society also benefit greatly from our partnership with the Morson Group as the company is a leading sponsor of the team and the students are able to use the equipment in both the Maker Space and Morson Engine Room to construct and develop their racing car. 

Supporting the community

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The University of Salford and Morson Group joined forces once again in 2020 to support the NHS as they began to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Maker Space stayed open during the lockdown to laser cut and 3D print face shields for the Salford Royal Trust, NHS surgeries and frontline workers, creating over 7,000 units.

Discovery Programme

The Morson Group not only powered the Maker Space and Morson Engine Room but our exciting STEM Discovery Programme which strives to make a positive difference to the next generation of STEM talent through the creation of several projects:

Discovery Programme Details
Women in STEM
  • STEMinist: Support for women studying STEM subjects
  • Make it Matter: A series of talks for female members of staff, students, and researchers
  • Go Beyond: Women in Engineering Mentoring Scheme
Student Careers
  • Morson Career Bar: Connecting Morson Talent with our student talent pipeline
Community Reach
  • Manchester Science Festivals: Annual workshops to showcase the wonder of STEM
  • A 'Maker Challenge' for Year 9 students
  • CPD 'Train the Trainer': 3D printing courses for teachers
  • Technician Network: Quarterly events to advance technicians as experts

Through each of the programmes above, we were able to work closely with the local community, city councils and national STEM agencies to bring the power of STEM-related subjects to a range of audiences and age groups across the region.

Morson Group Scholarship

Scholarships not only provide students with a financial lifeline but the confidence to succeed for having the support of such an incredible company encourages our students to achieve their potential.

In 2019, the Morson Group Scholarship was launched to provide students completing a computing degree at the University of Salford with a non-repayable financial award.

On behalf of everyone at the University of Salford, we would like to thank the Morson Group for their generosity has not only fuelled the development of the Maker Space and Morson Engine Room but provided our students and staff with extraordinary experiences. 

Our University and students are extremely privileged to also receive exceptional support from Ged Mason's family through a range of scholarships - find out more at the link below.