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The Maker Space was established in partnership with Salford-based Morson Group, a world-leading engineering recruitment company.

Together we take an active role in addressing the STEM shortages by inspiring young people and our students to consider a future career in STEM by learning real-world digital fabrication skills in their studies. 


a large group of students and an industry partner stand around a racing car

Maker Space is a campus facility for digital fabrication and additive manufacturing. Industry partners, staff and students have full access to our equipment to solve electronic, design, manufacturing and technical challenges.

The Maker Space features the Morson Engine Room, a heavy duty workshop with industrial grade machinery found on factory floors for testing and prototyping.

Upcoming events for students in the Maker Space

Student making a wooden bird box in the Maker Space

You can learn a new skill or develop an existing one at our Maker Space workshops, no matter what school you are from or what course you are studying. You can read more about our upcoming events below or by heading to our Eventbrite page.


a view of the various equipment in maker space

Students learn how to use and operate our machines to acquire relevant industry skills in relation to design for manufacture, assembly, and inspection.

Our machines can work on a wide range and thickness of materials from metals, composites to glass and plastics.  Specialist equipment will accurately machine timber, light metals and woodworking capabilities for model making and support precision metalwork turning capability.

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  • Waterjet cutting. Omax Maxiem 1515 5-axis waterjet.
  • CNC milling. Haas UMC-500 5-axis mill.
  • Flat-bed CNC Router. Machines full sheet size (2.4 x 1.2m)
  • CNC lathe. Precision metalwork turning capability. 

engine room sign


  • 3D Printers.  Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • Stereolithography (SLA) printing.
  • Metal additive manufacturing.

view through the print hive window of 3D printing machines


  • Laser cutting. CO2 and Fibre laser systems
  • Epilog Fusion Pro, Fusion Edge, Zing & Gravograph LS 900. 

Laser cut map of salford on blue background


  • Digital and optical microscope and metrology instrumentation.
  • Laser scanning arm.
  • Electronics development area.

zoomed in photo of electronic microscope


  • 20 PCs with the latest 2D/3D design software.
  • FUSION 360, AutoCad, Solidworks, Cura.
  • Adobe CC Suite, Arduino IDE, Processing.

computers and chairs


  • Provide an open and inclusive place to develop and explore ideas.
  • Assist in design processes using advanced digital fabrication technology.
  • Link students, staff and industry to support research and innovation. 

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Morson Group, is the UK's No.1 technical, aerospace and rail recruiter and a global recruitment specialist with their headquarters in Salford, UK. Morson Group form a unique blend of recruitment and design consultancy businesses comprising of Morson International, Vital Human Resources, The Bridge and Morson Projects.