Temporary Works forum

The Temporary Works forum (TWf) is an organisation which works with companies within the temporary works industry - vital parts of a construction project which enables the permanent structure to be built - to encourage open discussion in the sector. The subscription-based forum seeks to promote best practices to improve the safety standards whilst also addressing any fundamental issues within the sector, providing professional guidance and leadership when necessary. 

TWf is an incredible organisation, and the University of Salford is extremely grateful to be a recipient of their generosity. 

TWf Scholarship


The TWf Scholarship launched during the 2020/21 academic year to provide three undergraduate students completing an engineering degree at Salford with a life-changing award. The Scholarship will not only support the scholars whilst they undertake a research project but encourage them to foster an interest in 'temporary works' as they develop industry links and gain access to brilliant employment opportunities. 

We would like to thank TWf for their generosity as your Scholarships will not only provide our students with unique, industry-led experiences but encourage them to achieve their dreams.