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The TWf Scholarship at the University of Salford provides financial and mentoring support to students whilst studying. The programme is generously funded by the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) and designed to encourage an interest in temporary work amongst students. 

The TWf Academic Research and Scholarship Fund launched during the 2020/21 academic year, supporting six students studying both Civil Engineering and Civil and Architectural Engineering at Salford. The scholarship recipients not only receive financial support during their second and third years of study but are able to sign up to be part of the TWf All-Member Community which includes over 1,400 members, providing them with an incredible connection to experts in the industry they’re striving to enter.

To celebrate the second year of our relationship, we welcomed David Thomas, Director and Secretary of TWf and Salford alumnus, back onto campus to meet the scholars and celebrate their success. During the visit, our students gained an insight into the industry, advice on how to begin their career and make use of the TWf platform to make vital connections.

David Thomas said: The TWf Academic Research and Scholarship Fund encourages the study of engineering and promotes awareness and research into temporary works. In particular, the aim is to promote collaboration between industry and academia; improve safety and sustainability within the construction industry; and to encourage students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“After two difficult years, it was great to meet the students at last, to find out more about what they’ve been studying and researching and to hear about what they aspire to do.”

Dr Neil Currie, Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering added: “Our students have had a challenging couple of years, especially those studying construction and built environment-related degrees as there were limited opportunities to gain hands-on, real-world experience. However, students at Salford are resilient and we are incredibly proud of their ability to adapt and persevere in the hopes of achieving their dreams. As demonstrated by the TWf scholars, our students will grasp every opportunity available to them and are already making incredible contributions through innovative research and successful placements.

"On behalf of the University of Salford, we would like to thank David and TWf for their continued loyalty and support of our community.”

Scholarships of this nature are invaluable to the University of Salford, not only providing our students with a financial reward but the support to realise their potential.

About TWf

A membership body that works with companies within the temporary works industry to encourage open discussion and best practice.

Image:University of Salford TWf scholars pictured with David Thomas, Director and Secretary of TWf (left) and Dr Neil Currie, Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering (centre) 

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