Salford and Lebanon

International Students Chatting

As one of our students, you don't just become a member of a student body, you will join our community. You will be taught by experts in their field who pride themselves on their links with industry. We are a campus-based university located a short distance from Manchester: a thriving international hub with vibrant nightlife, historic buildings and a welcoming student scene. Find out more about applying to study here from Lebanon.

Salford and Lebanon

Contacts at the University of Salford

If you need any support in making an application or have a question relating to your offer you can contact Nick Croft at


We are proud to offer a range of scholarships aimed at supporting high achieving international students. Explore our international scholarships.

Entry requirements


Applicants who have completed a UK foundation programme or diplôme de technicien supérieur with very good grades (15-17 from 20) will be considered for undergraduate study. 


Bachelor's degree/licence/diplôme holders (who have studied for at least four years) or maîtrise/magiste holders will be considered for postgraduate study. If a percentage scale is used, applicants will need to have scored 70-79.9%. If the French system is used, applicants will need to have scored 13-14 out of 20 ('good'). If the GPA system is used, applicants will need to score 2.75 or above from 4.0.