Salford And Indonesia

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As one of our students, you don't just become a member of a student body, you will join our community. You will be taught by experts in their field who pride themselves on their links with industry. We are a campus-based university located a short distance from Manchester: a thriving international hub with vibrant nightlife, historic buildings and a welcoming student scene. Find out more about applying to study here from Indonesia.

Salford and Indonesia

Events near you

We send expert representatives to countries around the world with information about studying here.

Please check this page regularly for details of new or updated events in Indonesia, or find out more about visiting our campus


We are proud to offer a range of scholarships aimed at supporting high achieving international students who are committed to pursuing their studies here. These include academic scholarships awarded by programme and region or country, scholarships supported by our global partners, and the Salford International Excellence Awards. See our scholarships information for more details.

Entry requirements

International Foundation Year

Applicants with the Ijazah - Sekolah Menengah Atas/Madrasah Aliyah (SMA/MA) (certificate of graduation from academic/Islamic secondary school) at grade of 6.5/10 or above will be considered for the International Foundation Year.


Applicants with a diploma I (D1) at 6.5/10 or above will be considered for undergraduate study. Students with a diploma II (D2) at 7.0/10 or above will be considered for year entry onto year two of a relevant undergraduate programme, if appropriate modules have been studied. Applicants with a diploma III (D3) at 7.0/10 or above will be considered for entry onto year three of a relevant undergraduate programme, if appropriate modules have been studied.

Pre-masters (graduate certificate in International Business)

Applicants with the following qualifications will be considered for entry onto our graduate certificate in International Business:

  • A diploma IV (D4) at grade 2.0-2.49/4.0
  • A bachelor's degree (Sarjana I (S1)) from an A grade university, awarded a minimum of 2.0 - 2.19/4.0 
  • A bachelor's degree (Sarjana I (S1)) from a B grade university, awarded a minimum of 2.1 – 2.39 /4.0
  • A bachelor's degree (Sarjana I (S1)) from a C grade university, awarded a minimum of 2.2 – 2.59/4.0


Students with a diploma IV (D4) with a minimum grade of 2.5/4.0 will be considered for postgraduate study. Students with a bachelor's degree (Sarjana I (S1)) with a minimum grade of 2.2/4.0 (if from an A grade university) or 2.4/4.0 (if from a B grade university) or 2.6/4.0 (if from a C grade university) will be considered for postgraduate study.