Studying BSc Nursing Studies (Top-Up): Mini's Story

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Mini arrived in Salford to complete our BSc Nursing Studies (Top-up) and enhance the nursing expertise she had already developed in her home country of India. 

Read below to discover more about her experiences studying at Salford and her part-time job as a care worker. 

Choosing to study at Salford

"I chose to pursue a career in nursing because it’s a profession which changes people’s lives. I feel a responsibility and privilege to help a patient in their time of sickness and care for them in the most compassionate way possible.  

Topping up my qualification to a full BSc (Hons) degree offered an opportunity to enhance my skills to become an outstanding nurse and continue contributing to the healthcare sector.  

The University of Salford resonated with my professional and personal aspirations. I felt a genuine connection to the vibrant community and forward-thinking approach. Salford’s emphasis on strong ties to industry partners stood out to me as a unique opportunity to not only gain knowledge but apply it in a meaningful way.  

Ultimately, I chose Salford because it felt like somewhere I could grow, not just academically, but also as an individual surrounded by people who are passionate about making a positive impact in the world."

BSc Nursing Studies (Top Up)

"So far, I would say that the nursing studies programme has been one of the most transformative journeys in my career! 

During the programme, I have examined all areas of patient care and elevated my basic skills. I have completed lots of practical sessions to develop my clinical skills and master advanced techniques. I have also nurtured leadership qualities which are essential for leading multi-disciplinary teams and advocating for patients’ rights with bravery.  

Throughout the course, my lecturers have been very supportive. They held additional tutorials to help international students with their English language. I found these sessions very useful, and I can now express myself better when discussing more complex matters. Their personalised guidance and encouragement have not only improved my learning but also made me feel part of the Salford community. 

I genuinely feel that every lecture and class is another opportunity for me to become a more compassionate, knowledgeable and competent nurse who can make a difference in the lives of my patients. Once I have completed the programme, not only will I have grown as a nurse, but I will also be able to apply for more specialist roles and leadership positions."

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Working part-time as a care worker

"I found a job as a care worker which has allowed me to support myself financially whilst complementing my academic journey. I would say there are lots of opportunities to find work as nursing assistants or care support workers in and around Salford, especially if you are dedicated to the profession.  

The healthcare sector in Greater Manchester is always in need of compassionate and skilled individuals to support patients. 

Working as a care worker provides me with hands-on experience within the UK healthcare sector and reinforces the theoretical knowledge I am gaining in my classes. Every shift provides an opportunity to apply my learning to real-life situations, from understanding patient care fundamentals to developing effective communication.  

The role has also helped me to build essential employability skills, for example, time management. This balancing act between my part-time job and course has taught me to prioritise tasks efficiently and maintain a high level of organisation which are required in fast-paced healthcare environments." 

My time in Salford

"I feel that I have been on a journey of personal and professional growth that has been enriched by a hands-on learning focus, a supportive community and invaluable experiences. I am excited to complete the remainder of my course and take the next step in my career."