One step closer to achieving her dream: Funmilayo's story

A female student turned to the left smiling in front of a white background

Funmilayo from Nigeria aspires to open her own restaurant, so she decided to study MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Salford to gain the knowledge and skills needed to run a business.

Take a read of her experiences below.

Three reasons for choosing Salford

"There were three main reasons why I knew studying at Salford was the right choice for me. Firstly, Salford had the best entrepreneurship programme out of all the universities I considered. It had the best combination of theory and practice which I knew I needed to achieve my dream.

Secondly, its prime location near the city of Manchester which is known as a vibrant and innovative city. I knew I would really benefit from the location as it would provide opportunities to network with great global entrepreneurs.

Finally, I had friends studying here who told me about the dedicated and friendly teachers who have a passion for teaching.

All these factors led me to believe that Salford was the perfect place for me to take the next step in my academic and entrepreneurial journey."

MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation

"The course combines theoretical frameworks and real-life scenarios. It is taught through interactive workshops, group sessions and case study analysis giving me a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

The group sessions are my favourite part. I remember feeling very lost on my first day as I had been out of education for a while but within 10 minutes of being in the classroom I felt at ease. For our first class, we were tasked with a group exercise to use LEGO blocks to show what the entrepreneurial mindset means to us. I immediately felt comfortable as I began to do my exercise with the group. Engaging in group work in a supportive environment has not only helped me to develop a vast understanding of entrepreneurial principles but also helped me build my teamworking and communication skills.

All my tutors have extensive experience in the industry, and they have played a crucial role in my successful learning experience. They impart their sector knowledge and wisdom whilst going the extra mile to ensure we have the confidence to take on any challenge and push the boundaries.

During this course, I’ve learnt everything from creating a business plan to marketing analysis to making tough strategic decisions. These are all things I will have to do if I want to be a successful entrepreneur and I now feel prepared to do this"

Studying in Salford and Manchester

"It’s hard to pick my favourite thing about living in Salford but if I had to choose, I think it would be the vibrant energy of the city. There is always something happening whether it’s cultural events, live music or bustling markets.

Piccadilly Gardens is one of my favourite places to walk around because there are always things going on from different foods stalls to interactive activities.

The city has an infectious energy that draws you in. I’ve developed a more adventurous spirit as I now want to explore new places and try unique foods wherever I go. Despite the distance from my home country, I have never felt alone. Salford and Manchester have welcomed me with open arms, and I am grateful for that every day."

My future plans

"I plan to attend culinary school and then start my own restaurant. I decided to study MSc Entrepreneurship because I needed to learn about business and financial management before venturing into what I have always wanted to be – a chef."