How Sadjad secured a placement with Unilever

Peel Building, University of Salford

Sadjad joined Salford from Iran to study MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. During his studies, Sadjad has embraced every opportunity and as a result, has secured a placement with internationally-renowned Unilever

Read about his time studying at Salford below. 

Choosing Salford

"I chose to study at the University of Salford because of its reputation for preparing students thoroughly to enter the job market within this field. Employability after the course was a very important factor to me. I was also attracted to the innovative teaching methods and supportive learning environment Salford provided.  

I have not been disappointed because the course is very practical allowing me to directly apply what I learn to real-world situations within the sector and prepare me for a successful career in the field."

My academic experience

"We are taught by expert teachers through a mix of lectures, seminars, case studies and practical exercises. Our tutors have been very active in the industry and therefore bring lots of expertise, valuable insights and guidance to the classroom.  

During my course, I’ve gained experience in procurement strategies, logistics optimisation, supply chain coordination, inventory management and risk management. I’ve also developed soft skills including analytical thinking, problem-solving and communication.  

As part of my course, I’ve found a supply chain placement with one of the world’s most famous FMCG companies, Unilever. This is my dream company to work for, so I was immensely proud of myself. This joy and pride were amplified by the excitement of my programme leader Dr Yiannis Polychronakis and the employability team within Salford Business School who have been very supportive in helping me find a placement.  

For my remaining time at Salford, I aim to continue networking with industry professionals, participate in career development workshops and seek out any additional opportunities for practical experience that will enhance my skills and prepare me for the next steps in my career."

Away from the classroom

"Arriving in Salford far away from home felt very daunting, but the welcoming atmosphere on campus made the transition much easier. Meeting fellow students from diverse backgrounds, supportive staff and taking part in activities during welcome week made me feel part of the university community. Furthermore, the support for international students is good with anything you need help with provided including academic guidance to assistance with visa issues.  

My most memorable non-academic experience has to be a cultural exchange I took part in. It was a chance to interact with students from diverse backgrounds, share our experiences and celebrate our different cultures. During this event, I created memories and made long-lasting friendships. 

Manchester and Salford also feel like a home away from home. The weather here is quite similar to my hometown of Bandar Anzali which provides a sense of familiarity. The friendly local community around Salford has also made me feel welcomed and at ease."

My advice

"Embrace every opportunity for growth and learning, both academically and culturally. Be proactive in seeking support from university services, fellow students, and faculty members whenever needed. Take the time to explore your new surroundings, immerse yourself in the local culture, and build connections with people from diverse backgrounds. Remember that it's okay to feel homesick at times, but also know that you're capable of adapting and thriving in your new environment. Stay open-minded, be resilient, and make the most of your experience—it will be incredibly rewarding in the end."