How Paxton Secured his Dream Job at Jaguar Land Rover

An international student in Peel Park

Paxton arrived in Salford from India to study MRes Audio and Acoustics in our School of Science, Engineering and Environment.  

During the past year, Paxton has spent his time honing the practical skills employers are looking for and as a result has just accepted a position as an Audio Hardware Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover.  

Take a read to see how studying at Salford set him up for success in the graduate job market. 

MRes Audio and Acoustics

“I have two main passions: science and music so I always knew that I wanted to work in a field which brings together both interests. The more research I did, the more I understood that acoustics would be the only field that would satisfy both.  

Once I had decided this was my path, I wanted to find an institution that was at the forefront of research in the field and Salford is exactly that. I knew that I wanted to conduct my research under Professor Trevor Cox and Dr Olga Umnova as they are pioneers in acoustics metamaterials which is the area I wanted to specialise in.  

Before arriving in Salford, I heard stories of people getting rejected from job roles due to a lack of experience, so I knew that I wanted my further study to be practically focused where I would gain real-world skills that employers are looking for. As soon as I arrived in Salford, I knew I had chosen exactly the right place for this.  

During my course, I  used all the facilities at Salford to enhance the skills that are essential for an Acoustic Consultant. A particular favourite facility of mine was the anechoic chamber, the quietest room in the northwest of England, which made it the perfect place to make loudspeaker measurements. My supervisors were very supportive and were always on hand to help me expand my skillset.” 

Finding a graduate job

“I have recently accepted a job as an Audio Hardware Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover which I will be starting in the coming weeks. It was a tough recruitment process which involved four stages: a phone interview, an interview with my line managers, a behavioural test and a technical skills check. Whilst they were initially looking for someone with some experience, I am thrilled that they believe in me enough to give me this opportunity.  

To find this role, I ensured that throughout my time at Salford, I was thinking about my end goal by engaging with the Careers and Enterprise team and working a part-time job. I spoke with one of the University’s Careers Advisers, in a one-to-one mentor session, who was able to provide insights into the UK job market, what employers would be looking for and what niche my skills could fit into.  

I also attended three different career fairs organised by the Careers and Enterprise team. Whilst I initially found it daunting going up to speak to different employers, I quickly realised that they were all very approachable. This event was invaluable to build my network and understand the exact skills companies would be looking for. It allowed me to spend my remaining time at Salford working on these skills and thinking about how I could demonstrate them to employers.  

During my studies, I also found a part-time job as a Science Cover Supervisor within some local schools. Although the job came with quite a lot of stress, it helped me to improve both my communication skills and my ability to work under pressure which I know will help me in my future roles.” 

Summarising my journey

“My time at Salford has been one of the best times of my life and I will always cherish the memories I have made. I have found the people in Salford to be warm and welcoming and I have felt a strong sense of community through the local Church I joined. I have also made friends from all around the world and have appreciated the chance to learn about many different cultures.  

Throughout my time at Salford, I have taken every opportunity to travel to different places. Manchester and Salford are well connected to the rest of the UK and the world. These adventures have helped me become much more independent and self-sufficient, skills which will set me up for success in the future. 

My advice to other students would be to remember that it may not always be easy, but it will always be worth it. Trust the process because it will lead you to where you are meant to be.”