Becoming a socially engaged photographer at Salford

University of Salford New Adelphi building

Aqib arrived in Salford from India to study MA Socially Engaged Photography. During his time at Salford, Aqib’s interned with two renowned artists, boosted his employability and made friends from all around the world.

Keep reading to find out more about Aqib's experiences.

MA Socially Engaged Photography at Salford

“I was attracted to Salford after discovering amazing reviews from different graduates about the University. I loved how there was a great blend between working hard and socialising. There also seemed to be a lot of opportunities for international students to build networks with each other.

The best thing about the course is the combination of theory and practice. I have also had the opportunity to network with leading artists in the field and learn from them, I even interned with two of them! I’ve also had the opportunity to volunteer at the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool, which welcomes 85,000 visitors annually. Here, I met some of the most influential socially engaged artists in the area, who gave up their time to go through my work and give me suggestions.

The course has given me a new skill set which will increase my employability and open many doors for me. I’ve also developed the soft skills that are needed to be successful including communication, collaboration, and empathy."

Away from the classroom

“In the beginning, it was an adjustment studying in a new country but the University’s effort to help international students connect through workshops really helped me to overcome my homesickness. I made friends with other Indian students as well as connecting with people from all over the world.

Salford celebrates lots of global festivals and cultural events which made me feel very welcome and also taught me a lot about other cultures.

One of my favourite memories has to be watching the Cricket World Cup with my friends on campus and cheering on my team. There were so many students watching the match that it almost felt like we were in a stadium!

I love the relaxed culture in Salford. It is much safer and more affordable than other cities both in the UK and worldwide. We also get a balance of city life whilst being not too far away from nature.”

Looking forward

“For my remaining time studying here, I’m going to focus on my dissertation and then look for a full-time job around Salford and Manchester. I love the city and culture so I would like to remain here after graduating. Long-term I plan to work as a socially engaged artist and have my own exhibition at an art gallery.

My advice to other international students is to be open to all opportunities and experiences as truly this is how you will learn. Focus on your studies as this is your foundation for growth in the workplace. Lastly, enjoy your life at Salford and make amazing memories.”