School of Science, Engineering & Environment 18.04.24

GRADUATION 2020: International student to co-author a book on Nano Pharmaceuticals

An international student’s dream came true as she graduates from The University of Salford with a MSc in Drug Design and Discovery. 


Ataa Al-Taee, an international student from Iraq, came to the UK to study for a Master’s degree after completing her undergraduate studies in Pharmacy at the Al-Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad.

She ranked in the top five for her class in Baghdad and decided that she wanted to continue her studies in a distinctive subject area.  Despite being offered different opportunities in Iraq, it was the MSc programme in Salford that was for her.

Ataa self-funded her postgraduate learning with the support of her family and colleagues in a mission to broaden her horizons. In 2019 she joined the MSc programme in Drug Design and Discovery specialising in nano pharmaceuticals.  

Dr Zeljka Krpetic, Lecturer in Physical Chemistry said: “Atta was an unstoppable student. She volunteered to work at the Salford NanoLAB and contributed to a recent Sci-Art installation as part of the NanoLAB research outreach in the Science and Industry Museum, Manchester. A huge congratulations to Ataa on her Distinction which is well deserved.”

Ataa’s passion is nano pharmacy and she is now co-authoring a book chapter. In addition, her work was featured at the European Association for Cancer Research Conference.