School of Science, Engineering & Environment 22.07.24

Keep it in the (Salford) Family

Two generations of the Abuhesa family are now alumni from the University of Salford that see them having quadruple success in academia.  

It all started with the father, Dr Musa Abuhesa, an engineer who came from Libya to Salford to study for his Master’s degree in 2000. More than two decades later, his daughter, Sundees Abuhesa has graduated with a first-class degree in Biomedical Science. She joins her two brothers in the line of Salford graduates in the family. 

Dr Musa Abuhesa said: “I am incredibly proud of my children who have all followed my footsteps and chose to study at the University of Salford. In five years, I have seen three of my children graduate from university all of whom chose to study different subjects and have continued their education at postgraduate level.  

“I have really enjoyed my time at Salford, both the teaching and learning as a student, and am delighted that some of my children have studied here. We have a lovely collection of pictures from our graduations, me being the only one who has a PhD.”  

Sundees Abuhesa graduated as part of the Class of 2022 added: “I chose to study at Salford as the Biomedicine course has a fantastic reputation and is known for its great placements with industry.  Studying at The University of Salford was always a top choice for me as we have a family legacy here, I was also impressed with the course, so it was an easy decision to make.   

“Education is important to us all and is something that we all enjoy.  I have decided to continue with the family tradition and am staying on at the university to study for a Master’s degree.” 


The Abuhesa Family History at The University of Salford 


Dr Musa Abuhesa (Father) 

Graduated with an MSc in Enhanced Oil Recovery in 2003  and continued his research at PhD which he completed in 2011.  He was a part-time lecturer of Petroleum and Gas Engineering for seven years at the University of Salford supervising more than 50 students for their MSc projects in different areas of oil and gas industry. Dr Abuhesa now works for an Aerosol branded company Salvalco for more than 8 years.   


Mohamed Musa Abuhesa (Son) 

Graduated with a BSc in Architecture Design and Technology in 2018. He then achieved an MSc with a distinction in Project Management in Construction in 2019.  


Bashir Musa Abuhesa (Son) 

Graduated with a BSc in Business and Management in 2021 and is currently studying for a MSc in Digital Business and will graduate later this year.  


Sundess Musa Abuhesa (Daughter)  

Graduated in Summer 2022 with a First-class BSc in Biomedical Sciences and will start her MSc studies later this year.