Waste Reduction

Photo of reusable cup being filled

Adopting relatively simple measures can minimise the amount of resources we consume and the quantity of waste produced.

Help us reduce waste

On campus

In printing

  • Print double sided
  • Print two pages or more on one sheet
  • Submit work which is double sided and single line spaced (and enable this if academic staff)¬†

In purchasing

  • Do you need to buy the item in the first place?
  • Do you need to buy the quantity of material?
  • Specify energy efficient, durable products that contain little or no hazardous materials¬†and are easily recycled at the end of their life
  • Specify materials containing recycled materials, such as post-consumer, recycled content paper
  • When buying an item, think about how much waste will be produced during its life and how you will dispose of it